6 Web Series Romances to Swoon Over

Valentine's Day is upon us and whether you have someone special to share it with or not, you can sidle up to some of these web series romances out there. Check them out below and tweet us your favorite!

Laura and Carmilla (Hollstein) -- Carmilla

 Must. Resist. Vampire. Lips.   Credit: YouTube

Must. Resist. Vampire. Lips.

Credit: YouTube

 And sometimes, the vampire lips are worth it.   Credit: YouTube

And sometimes, the vampire lips are worth it.

Credit: YouTube

What is probably the most followed web series romance of all time, Hollstein broke their own hearts and the hearts of every single Creampuff. Their romance has everything. Literally, anything you can think of. Evil Dean? Check. Hot vampire? Check. Over-protective father? Check. Slow burn? Check. Angst? Check. Lady kisses? Double check. With three full seasons and a FEATURE FILM in the works, there's just so much to love.

Leslie and Alex (Leslex) -- The Leslie

I know, I know, we were all left hanging after season one's cliffhanger when Spaghetti Sam decided to be spaghetti (eye roll) but what audiences remember most from this LA LGBTQ web series was Leslie and Alex. While Leslie struggled to find a girlfriend after newly coming out, she couldn't see what was right in front of her, her very cute and very much available neighbor, Alex. Check out their painstakingly slow semi-romance bud to life.

Joan and Meg (Joan of March) -- March Family Letters

Another crowd pleaser and ridiculously sappy romances in web series of all time is that of Joan and Meg from Cherrydale Productions and Pemberley Digital. We get an awesome modern adaption of Little Women, featuring a strong female cast and an unexpected romance (sometimes called Moan) between Meg and Joan. The series was written to perfection and delivered such a realistic storyline between the two that you'll have yourself "aww-ing" at the screen and shooting hearteyes at both of them.

Dorothy and Connie (Dornie) -- All For One

The slow burn between Dornie is TOO REAL. I mean, it is sloooooooooow but for fuck's sake, it's worth the wait. I don't know what it is about literary web series that make romances that much more relatable, but I'll take a modern day Three Musketeers featuring diverse women, any day. Their love story is pretty great, girl meets girl, they're roommates, girl kisses girl, other girl freaks out because she has a girlfriend...Say what? See what all the fun's about yourself!

Peter and Wendy (Darling Pan) -- The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy

With the series' third season on the horizon, it looks like audiences are in store for even more Darling Pan. 

Bea and Ben (Beadick) -- Nothing Much to Do

 Love at first...What?   Credit: YouTube

Love at first...What?

Credit: YouTube

This New Zealand web series did not fail to deliver in the romance department. A modern telling of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, audiences get a multi-vlog series featuring the lead characters. When it comes to Beadick there really isn't any holding back. It's your typical, "I hate her," and "He's so annoying," shpeal but boy is it fun to see unfold. Don't believe me? See what everyone else but Bea and Ben can see, for yourself.