Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes First Look at Labeled

netTVnow had the pleasure of getting an exclusive BTS first look on Labeled, a web series from comedian Jon Sosis and Bethany Watson, who some of you might know as the co-host of Elvis Duran & the Morning Show.

So who exactly are these people and what are they doing with their web series? I'm glad you asked. While the co-creators have many things in common, their passion for music and the industry stands out the most, resulting in their comedic web series about working in the music industry, and more specifically a record label. After seeing so many music industry-focused series fail within the entertainment world, Sosis and Watson decided to share their own story.

"Bethany and I actually met through Twitter, grabbed dinner one night and just sort of clicked. We're both workhorses so once we landed on an idea, we worked to get it done," said Sosis on how him and Watson met. "This is actually our second web series together, but we're both perfectionists and very self-aware."

While both creatives co-wrote the series, Sosis spends most of his time behind the camera, while Watson can be seen in front of the camera, starring as Jess, a Marketing and Artist Development Manager for East Pacific Records who handles everything from celebrity "oopsies" and album art. 

The series currently has one episode out with more on the way. When asked why the series didn't have a more routine schedule, Sosis said that he's aware of what could happen if you overflow your audiences with content, "With one episode a month, it leaves people wanting more and gives us some longevity as we see how it's being received."

So what else can viewers expect in the next few episodes? Well, cameos for one. "We're working on some things like Anya Marina in episode two and a few others down the line, but artists playing ridiculous versions of themselves is always a fun idea to me," said Sosis. Well he's definitely not the only one excited to see that play out as well! With episode two right around the corner, check out some exclusive stills and a 30-second video of the cast read through prior to filming!

You can catch the first episode of Labeled today and be sure to follow Sosis and Watson on Twitter for more updates on their series! And if you're feeling extra generous, give their Indiegogo page some love.