2017 IPF Trailer YouTube Round up


The IPF trailers are finally out which means that we get our best look at some of the (hopefully) upcoming web series in 2017 and beyond. IPF is a funding agency for Canadian digital productions and requires applicants to provide a trailer for their proposed projects. Not only is this a great chance to peak at where the Canadian industry is heading but it also means that us fans get a ton of new content to eagerly anticipate. As your resident Canadian grant writer and business affairs human, trust me when I say that these trailers can make or break the stage 1 portion of an application. 

So make sure you like and watch your favourites!

The IWCC-CIWC has done the hard work for me of compiling a list of IPF trailers which you can view here. So thanks to them!

With 66 videos on the list, there’s a lot of content to go through and we’re going to help you out with managing them. I’m going in blind to watch all the trailers once and then, as succinctly as possible, let you know what I think the upcoming web series is going to be about. Trailer only. No youtube descriptions or press or anything. Trailer only.

That’s right. I’m writing premises. What could possible go wrong?

Everything. Succinct is hard when the shows are this great. 

  1. Zero Day – Kayla’s computer hacker brother drags her into a world where everyone wants the ‘encrypted crucible’ and are willing to kill to get it. (story occurs in real time)
  2. Candiland – Candi with an I is a ‘probably straight’ guy who is experiencing his first time crossdressing like he’s always wanted.   
  3. The Most Unpopular Girl at School – Told almost entirely through music playlists, facebook, and in-universe youtube videos, a high school student has an unflattering video leaked and must try to get it taken down.
  4. Earthing House Huntress – A real estate agent decides to specialize in selling homes to aliens who are just looking for a place to belong here on Earth.
  5. We Three Queens – A broke writer and his ‘rent boy lover’ move in with an elderly female widow.
  6. Cam_Girlfriend – A Cam Girl tries to navigate a boyfriend who doesn’t seem to know her at all and her viewers who seem to know her better than he does.
  7. Face Candy – Make-up counters are a cut throat business and the new girl needs to do whatever it takes to sell product. 
  8. Grave Concerns – Two men with luscious beards have been hired to remove all dead bodies (new or old) from a town but it’s a little tricky when the corpses keep complaining about their grave-digging skills. 
  9. #famous – A man seeks to create the best prank videos on youtube but runs into a number of problems with his real life responsibilities. 
  10. Boring Girls – Three musicians discover that, for their dark music audience, shock value sells and start creating bigger and bigger scenes without caring if they become deadly.
  11. Made With Love – A queer engineer is fired and decides to start a fashion line with her best friend even though she knows almost nothing about fashion. 
  12. Wharf Rats – Set in PEI, two brothers dream of being fishermen and they’re just crazy enough to do whatever shenanigans are necessary to get a fishing boat.
  13. Bad Life Choices – Two friends who really really like drugs and alcohol just keep making bad life choices. 
  14. Cat Show – A girl puts on a cat show because she believes the rules of all the other cat shows, where her cat lost, are wrong. 
  15. NarcoLeap – A girl has terrifying dreams that involve chasing, running and blood but whenever she looks in the mirror in the dream, she’s wearing someone else’s face. 
  16. Life Coach – Despite her own life being in shambles, a woman decides to become a life coach and takes on a number of interesting patients. 
  17. Cousins – Two snarky cousins are forced together and do not exactly get along.
  18. Conversations For the End of The World – Radiation is killing off humanity and a father and son are just trying to live through the end of the world together.
  19. Allie & Lara Make A Horror Movie – Allie and Lara are trying to make a horror movie; unfortunately ideas are easier than execution and their roommate is determined to cast herself as the lead.
  20. Widow’s Web – Jennifer joins a group for widows over 60 and they end up taking justice for crimes against seniors into their own hands. 
  21. Ran and Jaden – Two twenty year olds living their millennial life in Toronto.
  22. SpeakEasy – In 1914, two men go into business with a shady character to get the money to keep their speakeasy and they’ll do whatever it takes to keep the cash coming. (based on a real life story)
  23. Tight Knit – Two polar-opposite sisters take over their grandmother’s knitting store and knitting puns abound.
  24. Little Piggies – Three friends put together dating video profiles to help podiatry doctor Katie find true love. 
  25. Man Dog – A dog gets put into a human body and thinks he has the whole town fooled at how well we can play human but they all know. 
  26. Late Fees – A Blockbuster employee can’t let go of the stores closing and starts to hang out in whatever random video rental store he can still find. 
  27. Free Space – A small change is changing and the towns people are having trouble coping, so they turn to young Terry and his Bingo hall.
  28. The co-op – A gay actor moves into a co-op with a bunch of artists across all genres and mediums who are all trying to catch their break.
  29. Darkland – Strange things are happening like girls exploding and pig headed humans eating bloody fish and it’s scary.
  30. Off Kilter – A choreographer comes back after 2 decades to work with an aging dancer and claim their comeback one last time. 
  31. Boombats – Bobby opens an odd job business and the family has feelings about this. 
  32. Blackout – A man starts having blackouts and memory loss and is terrified of what he might do but he’s not the only one blacking out.
  33. Year – The world is ending and a father will kill anyone or anything who tries to hurt his son.
  34. Valley Cats – An animated series where a former valley girl-cat becomes a reality tv star.
  35. Climax, SK – An aging ‘James Bond-esque’ spy is forced to hide out in the small town of Climax, Saskatchewan where no-one believes he’s a spy.
  36. Demo Time – A show about a quirky product demonstration sales team trying to sell the unsellable that’s literally pitched as a product demonstration. 
  37. Kate – A small town girl moves to the big city of Toronto for the first time and wants to do everything she never got to do.
  38. Masters of Bait and Switch – Three friends pull off a series of elaborate heists simply because they can. 
  39. Rachel and The Dead -  A psychology student accidentally moves into an apartment that’s haunted by a dead guy.
  40. Tokens – An on-call actress is always sent to auditions to fill the ‘token Asian’ role and is surprised to find herself cast in a role that doesn’t rely on her filling a diversity quota. 
  41. The Rejects – A group of incompetent and quirky police officers are trying to work their way up from the bottom of the Toronto police ranks even as the Captain tries to deal with them. 
  42. Hurry Up and Wait – Five best friends, all of whom are queer woc, struggle to navigate romance and breakups. 
  43. Dominion – A detective noir series featuring supernatural humans chasing down a girl who has ‘Dominion’. 
  44. Temps Double – A French series, Ben is a fast food worker who just wants to go home but the customers are making it difficult. 
  45. Branded – Two girls try to sell branded content but after their star show dies they have to come up with a new smash hit idea as quickly as possible. 
  46. Bachelor Daddies – Ricky, the smooth bachelor, lets his best friend Jay move in with him after Jay goes through a divorce
  47. The Mavericks – In a dystopia, a teacher uses her dark superpowers bands with one of her students against the militaristic regime. 
  48. P6HUT (Piche Hatt) – With a briefcase full of guns and money, a woman juggles multiple identities.  
  49. Hit on Me – A paid assassin falls in love with his best friend and has to navigate killing people while navigating friendship hopefully becoming something more. 
  50. Clairevoyant – Best friends are getting evicted and become psychics in order to make the money for their rent. 
  51. Jib & Jab on a Quest – Jib and Jab are level 1 RPG mage and warrior characters who are trying to save the world and level up.
  52. The Upload Series – An animated series about a rogue journalist leaking real news to the people despite the government’s outlawing of the press. 
  53. The Vault – In this sci-fi adventure, humanity has to enter the vault to survive the apocalypse and the giant smoke monster that comes with it. (note: this is not 2011’s The Vault)
  54. Act Up – A bunch of teenagers join or are forced to join the improv club and have to navigate high school. 
  55. Rubbed the Wrong Way – This animated series stars two people who unlock a genie and can’t quite understand that he’s actually a genie. 
  56. Imaginary Friends – To cope with her depressing life, Sally creates a number of imaginary friends who live in her head. 
  57. Fak Yaass – Nico struggles to balance his sexuality with his disapproving Greek family. 
  58. Dorian Gray – A man is hired by a mysterious employer and is drawn into a dangerous world after discovering that he’s working for the supernatural, immortal Dorian Gray. 
  59. Witch Like Me – In this supernatural series, a witch fights a number of magical creatures.
  60. Booby & Bogey – An animated booger lives inside the nose of a real life teenaged boy and they strike up a mentorship. 
  61. Meld – Two people take a drug that is supposed to let them feel what the other is feeling but one of them gains the ability to meld with everyone around them and the creators of the drug are desperate to stop her. 
  62. Wild Tales – An animated comedy series about aquatic life including a pregnant male seahorse and a penguin who wants to propose to his girlfriend.
  63. Upheaval Times – A group of humans from the Medieval period are transported forward in time to modern society.
  64. Interlude – Three women try and navigate their lives in the big city.
  65. Gym Rat – Liz broke up with her cheater boyfriend and is now homeless so she starts living out of the locker in the 24hour gym and sleeping on the workout benches. 
  66. In Search Of – Strangers join a facebook group to swap their un-needed items but end up making more personal connections until they’re not strangers at all.

So there you have it! All the great Canadian IPF 2017 trailers that we could find on YouTube. If there’s something that caught your eye, we’d encourage you to check out the trailer and lend it a view and a like to show your support. In addition, there are lots of great trailers on Vimeo and other platforms as well so be sure to check those out too!

Written by Aria Bauer