Funding Friday | All For One S2

What Is It? What's that? Do you hear that? It sounds like foam swords clashing in the background...Oh...Nope IT'S THE INSEPARABLES! Cherrydale Productions is back with a second season of All For One! *throws confetti in the air*

The modern web series adaptation of The Three Musketeers picks up right where last season left off, with Dorothy's (Gwenlyn Cumyn) second semester at Dumas College. In addition to Cumyn returning, the rest of stellar cast will also be reprising their roles! So prepare yourselves for more Portia (Claire Gagnon-King), Ariana (Angie Lopez), Alex (AJ Simmons), Miller (Dan Mousseau), Treville (Denise Yuen), Connie (Linnea Currie-Roberts) and Rochefort (Damien Doepping)! But that's not all as the A4O team has already begun teasing three new mystery characters (our money's on Monty and Anne for sure).

  Credit: All For One

Credit: All For One

And just to remind ya'll where we left off last, Dorothy was accepted into MST, Dornie FINALLY became a thing and the other MST's are duking it out over the President election. So hurry, grab your swords and let's help the Inseparables return to the Interwebs! For more information on their campaign, check out the video above to learn more from the Cherrydale Team and head over to their campaign page for even more information. All for one and one for all!

How Can I Help? The series is looking to raise a flexible goal of $55,000 CAD and after just launching the crowdfunding campaign earlier this week, $6,900 has already been raised from over 150 backers with just one month left to go!

What Do I Get? In addition to another season of All For One, you can also get some great perks. Check out a few of the popular ones below and be sure to check out even more awesome perks on their Indiegogo.

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