Funding Friday | ADVOCATES

What Is It? While the tagline may say it all, "No angst. Just attitude," ADVOCATES is a satirical take on the LGBTQ community set in a GLAAD-type organization entitled GULPTAB. Created by Chloe Curran, the web series features your typical queer characters but mainly following Iris, a young executive at GULPTAB. Joining her is her best gay and partner in crime, Adrian, while they cheerfully haze GULPTAB's two new interns, Casey and Oscar.

So why is this web series different than others? Besides the fact that every queer character in ADVOCATES is played by a queer actor and 3/4th's of the protagonists are people of color, the series isn't afraid to poke fun at their lead characters without bringing their sexualities into the mix. Their campaign page states it best, "The characters are not interesting because they are gay. They are interesting people who happen to be gay." And if that's not enough for you, their trailer sure as hell will be. The series is currently seeking funding with hopes of a November production date and early 2017 debut on AfterEllen. For more information, check out their campaign.

How Can I Help? The series just announced their funding campaign earlier this week and is seeking a flexible goal of $33,500 and so far have already raised $1,830

What Do I Get? Your awesome contributions of course do not come without reward! In addition to helping the series get funded, you get some exclusive perks in return. Check them out below or on their campaign page.

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