Funding Friday | Atlas

What Is It? In short, this series follows Ari who sells her soul to the Devil to save Maddy, her little sister's life. The story starts with Ari's first day of the last day of her life and here's the best part, a lot of the series' key themes revolve around mythology. If you're looking for a reason to donate, I'd say creator Alex Borlo's pitch and description of the series being the love child of Shameless and American Gods should be enough in itself. Okay, if that isn't enough maybe the all female cast and crew will pique your interest. Don't believe me, get more deets from Borlo herself and do your good deed of the day and like, donate and share their campaign.

How Can I Help? The series is looking to raise $4,500 USD and with just 16 days left, they've raised close to 35% of their goal putting them at $1,470 USDWith your help, they can make it to their goal even faster. 

What Do I Get? Besides knowing you've helped an all-female cast and crew make their series come true you get some pretty kickass perks along the way. Check out the popular ones below and circle back to their campaign for even more.


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