Funding Friday | Barbelle

What Is It? Barbelle follows the story of a Alice and Veronica, a popstar duo, whose quick rise to fame leads to the falling out of all falling outs in their personal lives. The duo decides to break up but their label is not having it. The series is queer, female-driven and features some pretty rad throwback styles and music! Don't believe me? Check out this promotional music video featuring the popstar duo themselves!

The female empowering series is written by Gwen Cumyn and Karen Knox, in addition to playing the lead roles. With the help of Bell Media, the series has been aided in reducing plenty of production costs, but they still need your help. Learn more about the series from the creators themselves in their introduction video.

For even more information, check out their campaign page on Indiegogo.

How Can I Help? The series is looking to raise a flexible goal of $10,500 CAD. With just 17 days left, the series is 59% funded at $6,195 CAD from 85 amazing backers.

What Do I Get? With your lovely donation comes the wonderful feeling of knowing that you helped support some awesome ladies during an important time in the industry. With more and more women-driven projects coming out, it's important more than ever that we support each other, but you also get some kickass perks. Check out some of the more popular perks below and if you can't donate, don't worry, you can help out by just tweeting, sharing and liking the campaign page to help these girls break that glass ceiling!

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