Funding Friday | Couple-ish Season 2

What Is It? If you're been living under a rock, here's the nitty gritty on Couple-ish. Created by Kaitlyn Alexander, the queer web series raised over $25K to bring to life a first season. The series gained popularity quickly with its open-minded outlook on sexuality, identity and an awesome storyline featuring Sharon Belle who fakes out the Canadian government to gain citizenship.

The series is coming back and looking to fund for a second season after the messy cliffhanger from season one. This series is important. Why? Well for the reasons that Alexander and Belle so eloquently relay to us below:

  1. It's a queer series, where no one dies
  2. It's written by a non-binary character and features people from all over the spectrum, and no one dies
  3. Finally, it's not a sad story guessed it, no one dies

Also returning for season two is Mercedes Morris and Diana Chrisman in addition to the creative time comprised of Alexander, RJ Lackie, Candice Hudson, Corey Misquita, Iva Golubovic, Zack Ready and some awesome artwork from Valentine Smith.

For more information on the Streamy-nominated series, you can check out the official Indiegogo campaign and their intro video, followed by a sneak peek at what's to be seen next season!

How Can I Help? There series is looking to raise $45,000 USD in the next month and so far has raised $19,326 by over 300 backers. Donations of all shapes and sizes are welcome and of course you get some awesome perks in return.

What Do I Get? For helping this series take off the cast and crew are offering some exclusive perks for backers. Check out some of the popular ones below!

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