Funding Friday | Detox

What Is It? At one point or another, you or someone you know has gone on a detox. There's no shame in it, we're constantly surrounded by media and media influencers raving about one fad or another. So it's only human nature that our curiosity gets the best of us. Now, meet Detox, a comedic web series that follows a group of LA friends whose lives are out of control, so naturally, they go on a detox, because nothing says my life is great like some good ol' Vitamin C and denial!

And if that doesn't pique your interest the series' one-of-a-kind characters will. Harmony has a million followers online, but her life is far from perfect from what her audience sees. Becca thinks that becoming a mother is her destiny but her uterus has other plans. Then there's Delia, she thinks she's the perfect girlfriend (keyword, thinks) so she doesn't understand why she's always left hanging. What do these three have in common? Ah yes, a detox. Despite its comedic nature, the series will have some major storylines revolving around addiction, miscarriages and more.

Check out Detox's campaign video and for more information, hop on over to their Indiegogo!

How Can I Help? The series is looking to raise $25,000 by the end of their campaign. With just 21 days left, they've already surpassed their half-way mark and have raised $15,140 from 109 backers and you could be one of them!

What Do I Get? Besides seeing a great web series brought to life, your donation doesn't come without reward. Check out some of the popular perks other backers are purchasing below and check back on their campaign page for even more awesome perks!

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