Funding Friday | Flatshare

What Is It? From across the pond comes Flatshare, a comedic, LGBTQ web series from James Barber, that follows four diverse flatmates who struggle with living in a run-down flat in South East London, that is now falling victim to the London housing crisis. In an effort to bring awareness to the current state of housing, Barber has taken it upon himself to create something that he hopes will help educate people, all while telling a great story.

After Omar, an artist from Dalston, moves into a rented flatshare with his best friend Kemi and ex Tom in Peckham, South East London, they're hit with another twist. A fourth roommate by the name of Seb, because three people in a shared space wasn't enough. While space seems to be the least of their worries, the apartment itself is quite literally, falling apart. From mold on the walls, mice droppings and a leaking roof, it's no wonder they're having issues.

Starring Lauren Cato, Andrew Rowe, Callum Tempest and Lewis Brown, the series is packed with just the right amount of comedy and drama. Don't believe me? Check out their teaser trailer for more. And while you're at it, head on over to their campaign!

How Can I Help? With 19 days left in their campaign, Flatshare is hoping to raise £2,000 of its flexible goal, of which £730 has already been contributed by 23 lovely backers! With these funds, the series is looking to create six total episodes of the series BUT they can only do that with your help.

What Do I Get? Some awesome perks and knowing that you helped raise awareness about the rent situation in the UK. Check out the more popular perks below and circle back to Flateshare's campaign page for more!

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