Funding Friday | Girls vs. The City

What Is It? If Broad City and Canada had a love child, I imagine it would look something like Girls vs. The City. Created by and starring Brynn Peebles and Brianna Wiens, the duo behind Girl on Girl Humor, this week’s Funding Friday web series is a humorous look at life for two 20-somethings trying to “make it.” The series takes place in Vancouver, but the trials and tribulations the girls face should look familiar to any city-dwelling millennial – a lack of jobs, sky rocketing rent prices, a rapidly draining dating pool, etc.

Girls vs. The City is slated to debut in early 2017, but the pilot episode has already been filmed and you can check it out here.

How Can I Help? With five brand new episodes written and ready to shoot, Girl on Girl Humor is looking to raise a minimum of $5,000 to fund the rest of the season. Your donations will go towards basic production costs such as feeding the cast and crew on set each day, props and costumes, post-production, equipment rental, etc. 

What Do I Get? You mean in addition to an awesome, female-focused web series? Backers can receive a variety of perks including social media shout outs, personalized “thank you” videos and a chance to be a featured extra in an episode. Or, for $1,000, Girl on Girl Humor will pull out all the stops and take you on a dinner date in Vancouver!

You can check out some of the perks below or visit the Kickstarter page for more information!


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