Funding Friday | It's Complicated Season 2

What Is It? If you've been living under a rock and haven't seen the first season of this amazing web series, stop what you're doing and watch it here.

Watched it? Good. The first season followed Skye (Devin Drain) who lives with her ex-boyfriend Lance (Jordan Mitchell-Love). Despite being exes the two remained good friends, such good friends that Lance helps Skye through her discovery of liking women. Enter Alex (Samantha Gabrielsen). The six-episode first season took audiences for a ride and creator Cheska Bacaltos wants to do just that but even more in the second season, only this time with a focus on Alex. For more information, check out the official campaign page on Indiegogo and Bacaltos' informational video!

How Can I Help? The series has one more month of campaigning left in which they hope to raise $5,200 of their flexible goal. So far the series has raised $2,365 from 31 backers. Why is this important? A lot of people don't know that the first season was self funded and shot mainly in one location and much of the cast and crew were paid via pizza and gas money. This time around, they're hoping to change that.

What Do I Get? First off, a sense of pride knowing you helped bring a web series to life. Secondly, some pretty great perks. We know that times are tough and sometimes you can't give what's being asked but just remember that every little bit helps. Check out some of the more popular perks below and share with your friends!

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