Funding Friday | Labeled

What Is It? What do you get when two writers, two producers, a director and an actor come together? A kick ass web series about the music industry. After seeing music industry focused series fail in mainstream media, Bethany Watson and Jon Sosis wanted to bring their story, Labeled to life. With impressive backgrounds in the music industry, the duo created a series that gives viewers a firsthand look at what it's like working for a recording label.

As a proof of concept, they released a pilot episode in which rapper G-Spot "accidentally" exposes himself on Twitter causing Jess (Watson) to get the situation under wraps. Meanwhile Ben (Ignacyo Matynia) is working with a young pop phenomenon Jackie Starr (Kristen Vaganos) in the studio while her best friend/manager Diane (Kelsea Baker) does her best to keep from having a meltdown. For more information check out the Indiegogo campaign and check out the pilot episode today.

How Can I Help? The series is looking to raise $6,000 USD of their flexible funding goal. The series recently launched their campaign and have raised $143. With plenty of time left, the series has some awesome perks to throw your way!

What Do I Get? In addition to helping bring to life another awesome web series, you get some sweet perks like the ones below and you can check out some even MORE awesome ones on their campaign page.

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