Funding Friday | LA Web Series

What Is It? Have you ever thought about strangers? What the girl next to you does, what the man sitting in the coffee shop alone is thinking about? Whether we realize it or not, strangers are a big part of our life and it only takes one interaction with them to no longer make them strangers. LA Web Series is a coming of age story that wants to answer the dying questions about the strangers in our lives. Landon and Avery are just that, two strangers who decide to embark on this journey together of walking around LA and discussing everything and anything.

The LGBTQ web series is hoping to launch their first season and deliver a passionate project for everyone to enjoy. To learn more, check out the series teaser and an interview with the series' creators and stars.

How Can I Help? The series is looking to raise $8,000 to not only bring audiences a season one but a season two as well. With just 15 days left in the campaign, 25 backers have donated $673 and you can join the ranks of them. 

What Do I Get? In addition to some great karma for helping this series get funded, you can get some great perks like the ones below. Check it out!

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