Funding Friday | Notas Aparte S2

What is it? Notas Aparte is a Spanish web series that premiered late last year starring Aysha Daraaui and Monica Ruis who portrayed friends Sara (Ruis) and Helena (Daraaui). Sara struggled with coming to terms with her sexuality until Helena helped her realize there's a world outside of men. While Sara does finally come to realize her feelings things are left a bit up in the air and the Notas Aparte team need your help to finish telling their story. Are Sara and Helena together? Is Helena still with her girlfriend? Did Sara ever pass her exam? There so many questions left unanswered! Check out their campaign video and learn more!

How Can I Help? Every bit counts and with just 6 days left, you can help the series raise the remainder of their €1,000 goal of which they already have €663! With your help, you'll be helping fund a series that is dedicated to creating a safe space for LGBTQ people to see themselves reflected in a fictional story that strives to deliver the message that it's okay to love whoever they want.

What Do I get? Of course, your donation doesn't go without reward! In addition to helping create a second series, you can also get some of these awesome perks below! And be sure to check their campaign page for more.

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