Funding Friday | Rent A Friend

  Credit: Rent A Friend

Credit: Rent A Friend

What Is It? Have you ever found yourself in wanting to try that new restaurant in town or check out that new movie but have no one to do it with? Well look no further because in the web series created by Emily Lowinger and Sophie Worm you can rent Fran. Yes, you read that correctly, Fran is someone you can rent. Rent A Friend follows Fran and her adventures at her newest job at Friend inDeed. I know what you're thinking, this most definitely isn't an escort service, in fact there are three rules of F's to follow: No flaking, no fucking and no Freud. 

The series is looking to raise funds to create three more episodes and as has shared a pilot as a proof of concept. Check out the pilot today and visit their campaign for more information.

How Can I Help? The series has just 11 days left and so far has raised $3,215 USD of their $30,000 USD flexible goal from over 40 backers.

What Do I Get? The series is offering some great perks, from stickers to tickets to the premiere, there's tons to pick from. Check out some of the more popular ones below and be sure to share!

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