Funding Friday | The Secret Lives of Public Servants

What Is It? From Amen Jafri comes a docu-series, The Secret Lives of Public Servants that looks to share the hobbies of public servants outside their daily 9-5. After Jafri's as a former public servant, she's encountered her fair share of public servants with extraordinary hobbies. With her series, she's hoping to humanize the people who help keep the country running. 

In Canada alone, the public service (municipal, provincial and territorial leves) industry is the biggest employer and it faces the biggest stereotype of all, being ridiculously dull but that is far from the truth as we are soon to find out. The series will feature: Marc Adornato, Janet Hetherington, Heather Hanna aka Constance Payne, Candice Lidstone, Kevin Daoust, Andrew Al-Khouri, Dominique Baker, Sasha Dunfield and Richard Wong. Despite the boring reputation some of their day job titles may give off, their night lives are far from a snooze. From a comic book artist, creative anachronist, actress, cosplayer and more, this series will change the way you view public servants.

Learn more about the series on their official campaign page and check out the official pitch video.

How Can I Help? The series is looking to raise $17,167 CAD of their flexible goal and so far have raised $3,721 CAD from 35 backers and with just less than a week left, they're relying on you to help get this series made.

What Do I Get? Check out the more popular perks below and check back on the campaign page for even more!

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