Funding Friday | That's My DJ S3

What Is It? If you haven't watched the first two seasons of the award-winning series, stop right now and do that. Created by DW Waterson AKA hey! dw, from Toronto, That's My DJ follows a group of friends whose goal is to have fun and do it with some kickass music.

The first season followed Simon (Jacob Neayem) on his journey to moving through the ranks of becoming the next big DJ. The second season featured a cameo by that same DJ but the storyline this time instead focused on Meagan (Emily Piggford) as she worked through a devastating relationship all while trying to throw what would turn out to be an amazing (and real) event, Home Brew. And with the help of her BFF Sam (Jade Hassouné) they put together an amazing party featuring the lovely hey! dw herself.

The series is back and this time focusing on Sam and his mission to becoming the break out producer/DJ of Toronto. After his success with Home Brew, he's more determined than ever to launch his career and go further. While this sounds like a no brainer, Sam has potential to be wheeled into a darker path thanks to his buddy Lucas (Nico Racicot).

Having interviewed DW, Emily and Jade previously, I've never met a more passionate and down to earth group of people who just have a desire get shit done and share it with others, so I hope you give their campaign a look, a donation and even a share to help them out.

For more information, check out the Indiegogo campaign and give their season three video a watch!

How Can I Help? The series just launched its campaign earlier this week and already have met 60% of their goal. With just 12 days left, the series is looking to raise the remaining of their $5,000 USD goal, which will go towards production of the series. Their funding however doesn't end there, while the series is looking for a minimum of $5,000 they're hoping to raise up to $15,000 to share with viewers a soundtrack, BTS features and more!

What Do I Get? You guys know the drill by now but check out some of the popular perks below and click back to their campaign for even more!

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