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  Credit: The Mother Lode

Credit: The Mother Lode

What Is It? A women-driven web series, The Mother Lode touts their five ensemble actresses over the age of 35 and the series' commitment to hiring women in key crew positions. A story following a woman's journey of integration, writer/director Theresa Gambacorta, explores the importance of understanding the lonely, tender and unspoken dark parts of a mother's heart, in Margaret.

We meet Margaret after the recent death of her father and the return of an old friend which sets off Margaret's recent self-reflection. While taking a comedic approach to motherhood, Gambacorta shows the darker paths and very painful truths of being a parent. 

 On the series' Seed & Spark campaign page, Gambacorta talks how some of the key plot points impact the lead, "How Margaret moves through the dichotomy of darkness and light that steers her idea of motherhood is to see a woman of action who is wrestling with the death of her father. And the death of her identity."

To help bring the first four episodes of the series to life, the team behind The Mother Lode has launched a crowdfunding campaign.

How Can I Help? The series is looking to raise $15,000 USD with just 14 days left of their campaign. They're nearly 50% of the way there with $7,040 raised from over 70 backers and you can be one of them.

What Do I Get? Donations of all prices are accepted and some even get you some great perks. You can see a few of the popular ones below and visit their page for even more.


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