Funding Friday | The PrEP Project

What Is It? Meet The PrEP Project, your modern-day sex ed web series. Created as a way to take the stigma and fear out of the HIV epidemic, this series takes a grim topic and makes it fun with outrageous frankness. 

Featuring Eric Paul Leue, Leo Forte and Rock Evans, the series features 4-episodes where Leue will explore the new drug that prevents HIV and the backlash against it, testing and treatment as prevention.

PrEP is a breakthrough in HIV prevention. It's a daily pill that projects you from HIV with over 99% effectiveness. It's huge but not many people know about it and that's what The PrEP Project hopes to do, spread awareness and educate. The PrEP Project is a new kind of series that's beginning to break through within the industry and it takes a more documentary stance while being both educational and funny. The series is looking to complete their funding via Kickstarter, for more information, check out their Kickstarter video and visit their campaign.

How Can I Help? With just 3 days left in their campaign, The PrEP Project is looking to raise $15,000 and so far have raised $10,671 from the help of 88 backers. With your help, they can get one step closer to their goal.

What Do I Get? Besides eternal gratitude for the series creators? Well you're in for some great BTS perks. Check out a few of the popular ones below and hit up their Kickstarter for even more!

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