Funding Friday | Unplugged

What Is It? Unplugged is taking on the coming of age story for girls like no one has before. A comedic web series, the first season will focus on the story of a young girl from her pre-teen, pre-pubescent years and follow her as she grows up and survives high school sex ed classes, her first direct experience with sexual harassment in college and up until her middle-aged adult life. 

Created by Casey Hartnett, she hopes that her project will show the world what it really means to be a girl growing up in the world today. She aims to deliver a no filter story on periods, sex, harassment, gender and more. The campaign page says it best, "This is why we're here. This is why we are producing Unplugged. It's time women's stories to become part of everyday conversation across all demographics." The impact of this series goes much deeper. By supporting this series, you area also supporting women who cannot afford to buy their own menstrual products each month. 

To learn more about the series and their initiative, please visit the campaign page here and you can check out the teaser trailer today.

How Can I Help? The campaign is looking to raise $15,000 USD by Friday, November 18 and so far have reached 21% of their goal at $3,105 USD backed by 18 amazing people! Funds will be going towards equipment, location costs, meals, and more but the series has promised to create a pilot of the series if at least 20% of their goal is met and we're excited to know that it has been!

What Do I Get? If you're interested in helping this awesome feminist web series get funded you will be rewarded! You can check out some of the popular perks below and please share this with your friends!

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