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Anna Lloyd is s sixth form student studying, not drama although she pursues her love for drama in every way possible! She's the beautiful face behind Liddy and is the first to admit that sometimes not even she knows where Anna ends and Liddy begins. Learn more about the Away From it All actor below!

netTVnow: How did you get involved with Away From it All?

Anna Lloyd: I first got involved with AfitA through a casting call I saw online, I had never heard of literary Web series so I thought it was a great opportunity to grab! 

NTN: Were you familiar with the original novel? If so, did it impact the way you prepped for your role as Liddy?

AL: Although I love my books, this was one I didn't know that well, so the way I portrayed Liddy was heavily guided by both the script and my own imagination!

NTN: How did you tap into your character's mindset?

AL: In all honesty, I didn't have to do too much 'tapping in' since Liddy is extremely similar to myself, in a slightly exaggerated sense. So I suppose i just heigtened my own behavior when as hyper, and then harnessed a vloggers enthusiasm.

NTN: Out of all the characters, Liddy seems to be the most enthusiastic or at least positive, why do you think that is?

AL: Whilst being good comedy relief for the show, I think she shows the childlike excitement for the life that many people wish they still had in a very innocent way, especially as she often remains happy and carefree surrounded by so much drama.

NTN: What is your favorite and least favorite trait of Liddy's?

AL: Favorite has to be her enthusiasm and endless optimism, her energy makes me happy! And my least favorite, i think is not always knowing her limits of when to stop and be series. I think whilst she understands many things she can take a joke too far, or not realize her actions' consequences.

NTN: How would you describe the series to someone who hasn't seen it before?

AL: A beautiful classic story transferred into a funny, modern adaptation.

NTN: What did you enjoy most about filming?

AL: Meeting the cast and crew. Everyone was so lovely and it was great fun being on set.

NTN: Another filming question, what was it like filming POV shots of yourself that make it appear as if you're holding the camera in front of you? How did the process go?

AL: These pOV shots were done with someone else holding the camera and me holding their arm or hand. At first it was quite awkward to make sure it looked realistic, especially when walking around backwards, but after some practice it all flowed well.

NTN: As an actor, what do you like about the web series community? Was this your first series?

AL: The web series community is lovely, everyone is very passionate about what they're making or watching. This series was a first in many ways for me, my first web series and definitely first time filming in a vlog style. This has also been my longest project, filming over two weeks, as most others have only lasted a couple day.

NTN: Do you have any upcoming projects we can share or anything else you'd like to add?

AL: I'm extremely happy to have been part of this hard work from Hazel (Jeffs) and the rest of the crew. As for upcoming news, I've been cast in a very dark feature film this summer, quite a different role to Liddy!

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