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While most web series take on a narrative form, a team of creators came together to bring to life a series that not only is entertaining but educational as well. We spoke with Charles Barangan, one of the creators of the award winning series, Cranium Cookie, to gain his insight on the industry and his series.

netTVnow: Tell us about the series and where the idea came from.

Charles Barangan: Cranium Cookie came our production team's collective childhoods, where we all watched shows like Popular Mechanics for Kids and The Magic School Bus. We wanted to recreate those shows for a new generation.

netTVnow: You don't see too many web series that serve an educational purpose, let alone one targeted towards kids, why do you think that is?

CB: It's kind of weird, right? I think web series right now are all so new that everyone's in a big hurry to put their pent up narrative stories online. We've gone a different route, but they're all great. We (the entire production team and I) all worked on narrative web series in the past, so we get the feeling of wanting to just get a story out there.

netTVnow: What sorts of challenges did you face when you first launched the series and how did you overcome them?

CB: Getting people to agree to work with us without any initial episodes was difficult at first, but now we're great at that!

netTVnow: What's your background in the industry?

CB: In addition to being a creator and producer for Cranium Cookie, I'm a writer for a web series called Clutch, as well as a co-creator and writer for another web series, Asset and I've received a few awards in the space as well.

While I can't speak for the other producers, I can say they have talent coming out the wa-zoo! Their credits are basically infinite.

netTVnow: What sorts of planning goes into producing something like this?

CB: A lot of kicking doors down when asking to film in educational facilities. A lot! Never mind the adapting on the fly when things get crazy (i.e. Animals doing whatever they want). So much of what we do is built on the plan and then throwing that plan out the window.

netTVnow: Where do you hope the web series community will be in the next few years?

CB: Hopefully a little more supportive of non-narrative series. That being said, the community is still very much finding its footing, so who knows where it'll be.

netTVnow: Why do you think your series has been a success so far?

CB: Our series is pretty niche and this team is definitely easy to work with. Mostly because this team really clicks together.

netTVnow: Any upcoming projects that we can share?

CB: Gotta keep mum on that one! However, big shout outs to Tony and Nicole's show (soon to be released) and the fan favorite series, Out with Dad!

netTVnow: What do you love most about the web series community?

CB: Everyone knows the struggles of making a web series. Everyone in it. It's a grind, and you don't do it unless you love creating media.

netTVnow: Anything else to add?

CB: A big thank you to yourself and all our viewers!

From science, art, history and more, Cranium Cookie is sure to educate and entertain every mind that watches! Check out their latest episodes, get to learning and use hashtag #nomeducation!

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