Christopher Hallett | The Leslie

With another web series lined up, Chris Hallet is excited to talk about his role as Luke in The Leslie, Paulie's "not boyfriend." Check out what Hallett has to say about being part of a strong female cast and his upcoming project Normal Ave.

netTVnow: How did you get involved with The Leslie?

Christopher Hallett: So I actually ended up in a writing class for actors that was being taught by another member of Kate's (Johnson) regular writing group, Steven Bagatourian. He told us that Kate was casting for an original web series that was like nothing else he had read and was going to be amazing. I emailed her to audition and I remember loving the material even from just the short scenes she sent me for both Luke and Nick. Filming it was one of the most fun auditions I ever did. Eventually I got the call from Kate and we met for coffee, and thus the relationship of Luke and Leslie began!

netTVnow: What drew you to the role of Luke? I particularly love the heart-to-heart moment that Luke has with Leslie. It was great to see that emotional depth, instead of the comedic contribution Luke normally provides.

CH: Actually it's in that intimate scene between Leslie and Luke during the party that really drew me to the role of Luke. You really get to see the close, almost brother/sister relationship that they have with each other and just how similar they are. And it's in that scene that I saw how similar I am to Luke. I saw myself within the entire circumstance and couldn't wait to start exploring it with everyone.

netTVnow: Why do you think Luke and Nick make it their mission to get Leslie laid?

CH: Luke and Nick just want to help! They don't fully understand what Leslie is going through, but that's not going to stop them from helping a friend in need! Plus, if anyone has the most experience in getting girls and could teach Leslie the way, well then it was going to be the fellas of course, right?

netTVnow: How would you describe Luke?

CH: Luke is a lot like me actually, He is a hopeless romantic that loves to love and always leads with his heart. All that cheesy stuff. And it's not through naivety that he does so, it's just honest to himself. He knows it may not work out, but it's worth it to him to find out. And that is me. Life is love. And it's everywhere and can come in any form. You just have to keep looking and have a little faith.

netTVnow: Where do you hope Luke will be in the second season?

CH: I just hope for Luke to find a little more clarity in exactly what is best for him. Whether that is with Paulie or not. I'm interested to see where his heart takes him.

netTVnow: What was it like to be part of a web series that has such a strong queer focus and portrays such strong allies?

CH: It was amazing! Honestly it felt like we were doing something that had never been done before with the whole tone of the show. And at the same time, it didn't feel like a show about being gay. It's a show about being a person. And about being a friend. And about just being yourself. And it's so beautiful. Kate's writing is just so easy to connect to because it's so honest. And you get to see the confusing, hilarious, ridiculous life struggles that so many of us go through the eyes of a queer character. I hope it can shed some light on how similar everyone is and that we just need to be there for each other.

netTVnow: Any upcoming projects we can share?

CH: Yes, actually! I have been a producer on a web series that has been in the works for almost two years now, and we will soon be releasing our first episode! And actually when I started working on The Leslie I was so excited to be a part of it, because it was so similar to how our show has come together. Just a bunch of friends who believe in a script and story and hope that maybe some other people may enjoy it too haha. It's called Normal Ave. and we will hopefully have something to give to the world in November! Keep an eye out!

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