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She plays the adorable Skye in It's Complicated and is excited for everyone to finally see the finale of season one! Check out our chat with leading lady Devin Drain below!

netTVnow: How did you get involved with It's Complicated?

DD: It's kind of funny and random how I got involved. I met Jordan (Mitchell Love) who plays Lance, on the set of another movie and we exchanged information after he told me he was writing a web series that I was interested in hearing about. A few months later he texted me asking if I would be interested in reading the script for his friend's web series. Cheska (Bacaltos) the creator emailed me the script and basically gave me the job on the spot! I later found out that she had no idea Jordan and I had just met, she thought he had seen me act before, which he hadn't. I could have been awful and ruined the whole thing! I threw myself in with a bunch of strangers and hoped for the best.

netTVnow: What attracted you to the role of Skye?

DD: She really reminded me of myself, minus the questioning of her sexuality. She's kind of neurotic and quirky and I liked that she was this very normal, put together girl who all of a sudden was put outside of her comfort zone. I was very on board with the idea of normalizing being gay. The LGBTQ community isn't this "other" group. They can be anyone regardless of their background or what they look like. Skye in a lot of ways doesn't fit the stereotype that we see in the media of LGBTQ people and I think that's a very positive thing. I'm all for breaking down barriers and proving stereotypes wrong!

netTVnow: What was it like trying to tap into the mindset of Skye?

DD: At first I really struggled with it because I've never experienced what she was going through. I've never questioned myself the way she has and I tried to imagine what it must be like. I thought it would be terrifying, but also kind of exciting. She's experiencing all these things for the first time and really coming into her own. I think she holds herself back because she's scared of what other people will think but at the same time is really secretly excited.

netTVnow: I love the rapport between Skye and Lance, and Skye and Alex! Did you do anything to prep for that?

DD: Nope! Both Jordan and Sam (Gabrielsen) are all great and we got lucky that we got along so well!

netTVnow: Any fun moments on set?

DD: The scene where I'm running in the park in episode two was fun. They had to shoot it from the trunk of a moving car that I was running after. I'm not a big fan of running, or exercise in general, but for the sake of the shot, I was all for it! I also had a lot of fun throwing pizza at Jordan's head. I somehow had to get rid of the pizza in my hand because the next shot wasn't supposed to have it. It was great getting to do that and working with someone like Cheska who really encourages us to improv and do what feels right, which in this case was throwing pizza at Jordan!

netTVnow: Let's talk about Skye and Alex. Do you think they'll end up together?

DD: I think they probably will but in my opinion, I don't think they should. I think Skye has to explore a little more and figure out who she is before she jumps into this big relationship. She just discovered this new information about herself and there's so much she still has to figure out.

netTVnow: Any advice for those looking to becoming an actor?

DD: Make sure you love it and are willing to fight for it. Growing up in LA, I thought everyone was an actor and it would be easy, but I was very wrong. You have to know yourself and know your brand if you want to make it a career. My mom keeps telling me that I am my best advocate and there's no one that's going to work harder for my career than me. I think that applies to anything in life really, thanks Mom!

netTVnow: Do you have any upcoming projects to share or anything you'd like to add?

DD: I'm taking a year off from school to pursue acting full time so I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on social media! 

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