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She plays Stevie, the kickass "cop" who's actually a hitman, in Skeleton Key Films' latest web series Swerve. Meet Emily Alatalo and read below the jump to see what she has to say about Stevie, what she thinks of the Stevie/Elise affair, upcoming projects and more!

netTVnow: How did you get involved with the Swerve?

Emily Alatalo: Director Jason Armstrong and I go way back. Many moons ago, we agreed to a multi-project deal and it was the best decision I've ever made.

netTVnow: What do you like most about Stevie? What was your preparation like for the role?

EA: I love Stevie. There's a lot more to Stevie than we see in the series, and I hope that came across. Jason sent us intensive private character bios and let us run wild with creating ourselves. I spent a lot of time coming to terms with why my character has the job that she has.

netTVnow: It seems like everyone was running from something, why do you think Stevie was at the cottage, since it was made clear she didn’t know her mark was going to be Jen until the night Koppen showed up?

EA: Twist of fate. It’s funny what the world provides you with, right when you need it most.

netTVnow: How would you describe Stevie’s relationship with both Elise and Jen?

EA: Jen is a Mama bear. Jen was the glue that held us together, even when it maybe should have been us holding her together. Elise is complicated. Misguided and maybe a little unfair, but my intentions come from a place of love.

netTVnow: Do you think Stevie was genuinely interested in Elise or was it part of her act?

EA: 100% genuine.

netTVnow: What’s your interpretation of what happens when Stevie comes back to the cottage without Jen?

EA: Ha! Well, I think this is better left unsaid. For now.

netTVnow: What was your reaction to the plot twist in the end? Did you know Stevie was a hitman prior to joining the project or was it something you discovered when reading the script?

EA: Yes. I think when Jason pitches things to me he leads with what I'll be most drawn to. I'm always asking for "badass" roles or anything physical!

netTVnow: How was it working with Sharon (Belle) and Kat (Inokai)?

  redit: YouTube

redit: YouTube

EA: Oh man, this is tough! We went on a very bizarre journey into the deepest depths of ourselves on this one. Project aside, I learned a lot about both of them, and totally fell in love. They are so different and so real and so damn beautiful. I made major life changes after the shoot and I owe them the world. I left feeling dizzy and courageous and inspired.

netTVnow: Do you have a favorite episode?

EA: I think the final episode is my favorite. Kat's candle monologue blew me away and did you know she just started acting? Not fair! She's so great and the way Sharon takes it all in, man. She can say so many things with just her eyes. That girl's an ocean.

netTVnow: What’s your experience been like with web series?

EA: After 9 Days with Cambria, this is my second web series, and I'm in awe of the love and feedback we've gotten. There's something really magical about shooting something you care so much about and then actually getting to share it with the world. It feels like art won.

netTVnow: Any upcoming projects to share or anything else you’d like to add?

EA: YAS! Jason's film Inspiration is premiering at the Blood in the Snow festival in Toronto on November 27th. We'll both be there, along with other cast/crew! You can get tickets here.

Lastly, thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who watched and supported! Love, love, love!

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