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Jordan Mitchell Love is a master of all trades. When he's not filming for It's Complicated or writing for his own web series, he's helping others become better versions of themselves through his work as a personal trainer and a Reiki Master. He stars as Lance, in the web series It's Complicated. netTVnow had the chance to catch up with him on the series and what's next for him!

netTVnow: How did you get involved with It's Complicated?

Jordan Mitchell Love: I met the creator, writer and director of the series, Cheska Bacaltos, through my girlfriend as they have been friends since their university days. Cheska and I hit it off immediately, discussing various nerdy topics along with films and television shows that we enjoyed. A few months afterwards, Cheska asked if I wanted to play this character named Lance, in a short film that she had written. I read the script and loved the character so much, I wanted to play him before I even finished the first page.

netTVnow: Tell us more about your character Lance and that rapport he has with his ex, Skye.

JML: Lance in many ways is your quintessential 20-something guy; he's immature, really enjoys life, goes with the flow and is very sarcastic. He's also deep, open-minded, very loving and supportive, especially to Skye. Their relationship has gone through so many phases that they know each other better than anyone else. There's something about dating someone, breaking up and then becoming friends that strips each other of all pretenses and fronts; you can't be fake in front of that person because they know every fact of who you are. That's why Skye and Lance can be so honest with each other and why Skye comes to Lance when she's having these conflicting feelings.

netTVnow: For a guy living with his ex-girlfriend, Lance has a pretty laid back personality and is super accepting of Skye right off the bat, will audiences see that dynamic change down teh road?

JML: Oh yeah, very little phases him. Based on how the dynamic is between the characters, I don't see any significant changes in their relationship. However, Cheska knows the characters better than we do and she's done an excellent job of creating situations and scenarios where you learn much more about the characters and they grow both as individuals and as a group. It sounds cliché, but we'll just have to take a good old-fashioned "wait and see" approach. That being said, I'm super pumped about the upcoming episodes; I hope audiences will like them.

netTVnow: From what we've seen so far, it's a pretty female-dominated cast, what was it like being one of theo nly male characters?

JML: It's quite refreshing! I was on a movie shoot once where it was a month in the woods and a cast/crew of 50, and except for the makeup artist (who was also married to one of the crew), it was all male, all the time. That kind of testosterone-dominated environment isn't the norm, and being part of a cast/crew that's so diverse feels very authentic. It's very nice telling a story where the two romantic parties are not just women, but human beings trying to figure out how they feel about each others.

Devin (Drain) and Samantha (Gabrielsen) have an amazing chemistry and are both very talented actors and it's great watching them bring these complex people to life. It's about time the boys sat on the sidelines and the girls got the spotlight in an honest and real way; I'm just glad Lance is so supportive!

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

netTVnow: You have some great one-liners in the series and there was a BTS video of you acting out Lance's fantasies after Skye tells him that Alex is a girl, did you get to improv a lot?

JML: I've tried to improv at least one line in each episode (aside from episode 3) and that's always a lot of fun. Devin and I also improv'd the characters and her reactions in the 'Tap or Slap' game in the second episode, my girlfriend actually did the drawings for that! I would love to do more improv if it's right for the episode. As for the fantasies, that was for kick and giggles and to try and get Devin to crack! She never did though!

netTVnow: You created our own travel web series The Vagabond Tales where you basically recorded your travels, what made you want to do that?

JML: A few years ago I was part of a Boston-based travel show on YouTube where I was the co-host for its third season. The show follows an ignorant American backpacker around on his adventures (think Idiot Abroad but revolving around gags). I played a very straight-edge, pseudo-hippie version of myself, and while it didn't feel very authentic, I loved hosting and showing people that travel can be fun and affordable if you're willing to laugh at your mistakes. I had already been experimenting with travel film making and hosting anyways, so I decided to take the plunge. The first two seasons were a one-man show, but for season three we're upping the stakes and giving the website an overhaul, and I have an actual team helping me out.

The way I describe the show is No Reservations and Dirty Jobs but in the vein of Jenna Marbles' vlogs; in other words, I go to weird, different, and sometimes even dangerous places while I laugh at my mistakes, make new friends and learn about the world, all within a budget.  Some of my more interesting experiences have included sleeping in a capsule hotel in Tokyo, Japan even though I'm claustrophobic; trying Stinky Tofu in Hong Kong; and surviving a mild tornado in my car while in Texas.

The show has been nominated for three web awards (Best Documentary Series, People's Choice Award, Miami Web Fest 2015; Outstanding Reality Series, LA Web Fest 2016), and I'm launching season two on Route 66; not bad for a guy with a camera and no clue!  

netTVnow: As an actor, do you find that web series allows you to explore your character more than a regular TV show or film would?

JML: I think that actors can explore a wider variety of characters more quickly and can receive more personal feedback than in traditional media. Because of the wonders of the internet, we can upload a video online and receive instant feedback from millions of people all over the world; it's a great if underutilized tool for the aspiring entertainer. You're able to create, explore and receive critiques of your performance all in the span of a single evening if you wanted.  

netTVnow: Where do you think the web series community will be in the next few years?

JML: Web series are great launching platforms for people to start their careers, but companies like Buzzfeed are changing the playing field. It wouldn't surprise me if there was either a subscription service to see high-quality web series much in the same way as Netflix and Hulu, or the far more likely version is to pay for no advertisements, like on YouTube Red. I think that web videos as a whole are going to be a bit more raw and unfiltered, with live streaming being a huge factor in that, like with Periscope and Facebook Live. For now though, you're going to see web shows be picked up for mainstream television and movies because of the large following that some shows have.

netTVnow: Any upcoming projects we can share?

JML: Of course!  I'm always working on quite a few different things at once; I just have so much energy! It's Complicated will be wrapping up the first season soon, along with some fun mini-sodes and some BTS footage, along with some interviews with the cast and crew.

I actually just wrapped on a movie called Solitary Confinement, where I play contestant on a reality web series. The movie is going to be released early next year, and it already has distribution. I'm really excited for the film as it really pushed my abilities as an actor to new heights. I'll be showing off my musical abilities in my upcoming YouTube series Low Tech Sessions, where I record a live, unedited version of various songs from artists such as Lana Del Rey, Jason Mraz, Justin Beiber, Adele, and Ingrid Michaelson. These covers are going to be in one take, mistakes and all, and are meant to emulate the feel of an open mic at a coffee shop.  

I'm also writing a lot more, and have two scripts for web series and a short film. The web series are a lot more serious and gritty, whereas the short film is a love story based on a past relationship of mine. I hope that I can make these projects relatively soon and maybe even get into directing.

Season two of The Vagabond Tales is launching June 16th and will follow my journeys on Route 66. In addition I'll be launching mini-ventures, where I go to specific place not related to any season. I finally have a team for The Vagabond Tales and we will be setting up an crowdfunding campaign for this fall for season three and we will also be doing some filming in the Los Angeles area to up our production value; the goal is to pitch the show to a major television network, so we're keeping our fingers crossed!

I'm also launching my business online this summer, Make Your Own Miracles. It's a wellness consulting business that helps people make healthier decisions. I'm a personal trainer and have been a Reiki Master since 2008, and I also teach stress reduction and offer nutrition consulting for people, groups, or even businesses. Since the business is going to offer services online, I'm going to be generating a lot of online content, including useful tips and tricks to being healthy while traveling or just in general. Who knows, I might even do a little web series with that as well!

Jordan's certainly keeping busy but you can catch up with him and all his work below and check out the trailer for his traveling web series, The Vagabond Tales.

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