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Their web series just entered its second season and can be watched on F'd created by Ryan Gowland, starring himself, Molly Hawkey and Julia Wackenheim-Gimple, is a comedic zombie series following the trio as they maneuver life during the zombie apocalypse in an RV showing us that life does go on after the zombie outbreak and dating is just as much an issue. Read below the jump for the exclusive interview with the iO West improv team.

netTVnow: How did each of you get involved with the series?

Julia Wackenheim-Gimple: Ryan, Molly and I had been performing together on an improv team at the iO West. Ryan knew we were hilarious, smart and ladies who got shit tcb’d, so he wrote a script for the three of us. I thought it was killer-funny and we got to producin’ STAT!

Molly Hawkey: For years I’ve been begging Ryan to write a character for me that would showcase my intelligence, emotional range and intense sexuality. He came up with this. 

Ryan Gowland: I knew Molly and Julia were great and knew we worked well together. It seemed fun to me for us to play contrary to the genre and be these vain, self-centered people living in the apocalypse.

netTVnow: I love the comedic vibe of the series most zombie series are your typical run-of-the-mill horror or suspense thriller. What was your inspiration for setting the story this way?

JWG: Ryan came up with the setting and since I have a very close tie to TV zombies, my husband, Scott M. Gimple, is the current showrunner of The Walking Dead, I told him I didn’t want to make that part of F'd.

RG: Yeah, Julia and I spoke right away about that and I assured her that the apocalypse was really just the backdrop for these characters. This show is really more of an apocalypse show that doesn’t talk about the apocalypse, even though we do satirize a lot of the genre conventions and I think a lot of the episode ideas come from “how does issue XYZ feel like in the apocalypse,” though those “issues” tend to be less “how do we find food” and more “how do we deal with our roommate’s boyfriend that we don’t like?” 

netTVnow: How would you describe each of your characters?

MH:  Molly is definitely the brains of the operation. Sure, it may seem like she doesn’t know what’s going on a lot of the time or ever but Ryan and Julia could never survive without her cool headed logic. 

JWG: Ryan is really old, is stuck in the 90's, obsessed with old bands, was a bit of an emo, but without any of the emotional intelligence for being TRULY emo, he’s also super sweaty and smells bad.

Molly is hella naive, thinks herself to be the Hemingway of the Apocalypse, is into “incest,” LOVES cooking and has a knack for not knowing what everyone’s talking about but kinda does at the same time.

Julia is sarcastic, bad at dating, but good at killing men in bed by way of her vagina, she may or may not have had a baby, she loves fashion and likes to eat.

RG: I would agree with all that, except I think we should clarify that Molly is not actually into incest, per se. Just watch the show to clarify. It’ll make sense. And yes, my character and I share a similarity in that we both run hot and tend to sweat heavily as a result. And I would add that there is some truth to Ryan and Julia needing Molly to help keep them alive – Molly does all the cooking, for one – and they are both way more self-absorbed. 

netTVnow: For those who don't know, what’s the backstory for how Molly, Julia and Ryan all ended up together?

MH: Have you watched season one? You better get on that. 

JWG: They all worked together when the apocalypse started, since none of them have any real friends or family, they didn’t run home when things started to go south. While all their other co-workers were frantically trying to meet up with their kin, Molly, Ryan and Julia tried to order pizza.

RG: I think the worst people you could get stuck with during the apocalypse – well, okay, maybe not the worst – would be your co-workers. Like, not friends or family, but people you only know because you happen to draw a paycheck from the same place. We waited to reveal that in the last episode of Season One, which is a flashback episode.

netTVnow: Do you think the trio will ever find some sort of solace in the zombie world?

JWG: Oh, they’re barely affected by the End Times. In fact, they’re sorta thriving.

RG: Yeah, the apocalypse may be the best thing that ever happened to them. They are worthless as individuals.

MH: I don’t know about Ryan and Julia but Molly can find solace anywhere…give her lemons and she carve lemon shaped dicks.

netTVnow: How would each of you like to see the series play out with each of your characters in mind?

MH: I would like Molly to find a boyfriend. Real life Molly would also like to find a boyfriend. 

 Julia trying to land a man.  Credit: F'd

Julia trying to land a man.
Credit: F'd

JWG: Julia would meet a Vin Diesel type, drive away in his ‘Ghini and live happily ever after in his rich mansion-compound-garden-farm wearing only Gucci, never to see Ryan and Molly again, except as farm workers.

RG: Again, I think Ryan is having the time of his life at this point, so it’s hard to think how it would get better. Unlike Molly and Julia’s responses, I don’t think Ryan wants a girlfriend. Maybe hook up with someone, sure, but Ryan is a guy who doesn’t want to be tied down, even in a diminished populace. 

netTVnow: Have any of you done web series before, if not what were you most surprised about, about the experience?

JWG: I’ve never produced one before, and there is a lot more to making good content than I had ever thought of.

MH: I created/starred in/edited an improvised series called Holy Singles on zero budget but F’d was my first web series where I actually had to cooperate with other people, have responsibilities, be accountable - producing is hard! And I learned that Julia and Ryan were way better at it than I! 

RG: I co-wrote/directed and produced a series called Red Shirts, which was an equally educational experience. Alliterations aside, I can say that making a web series is incredibly rewarding, in that you get to collaborate and create something from nothing, but I think F’d was even more challenging in that I had more confidence in myself as a creator and tried to pull off more complicated narratives.

netTVnow: Any upcoming projects we can share?

MH: I recently completed some segments for Late Night Snack with Rachel Dratch, on truTV. The first one aired on November 9th. I also star in a little series call #Blessed with Molly Hawkey on Comedy Central/Snapchat premiere TBD.

JWG: Season two of F’d, The Friday Forty, Caring Across Generations - a nonprofit organization I volunteer and lobby for.

RG: Season two of F’d, writing several new projects as well, and I can be seen in a few episodes of Adam Ruins Everything on TruTV.

F'd is currently airing in its second season with new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday on and if you haven't yet, you can check out the series from beginning.

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