Aysha Daraaui & Mònica Rius | Notas Aparte

Last week, Barcelona-based web series Notas Aparte debuted, starring Aysha Daraaui and Mònica Ruis. The LGBTQ series follows Sara (Ruis) who is coming to terms with her sexuality with the help of her friend Helena (Daraaui). The entire series is available to watch now and you can read below the jump for more on the actors and their series!

netTVnow: Can you tell me about the web series and how you became involved with it?

Aysha Daraaui: I saw an ad for it at my acting school and decided to give it a try. It seemed like an interest project and it really was. Turns out Mònica attends the same school too!

Mònica Rius: I became involved with the web series as a result of an ad I found at my acting school. They were looking for actresses and I thought the project could be really challenging, so I decided to send my resume and see if I was a fit for any of their roles.

netTVnow: Is this the first web series for both of you?

AD: Yes, and I'm very excited about it!

MR: Yes, it's the first one I've done.

netTVnow: Ayesha, can you tell me more about Helena and her role in the series?

AD: She's very confident about herself and she knows where she's going. She's the key for Sara to understand herself and becomes the person who opens her eyes. Besides her relationship with Sara, Helena is also speaking out to the audience. To all of those who can relate to Sara in feeling insecure or doubtful about their life.

netTVnow: In the trailer, Helena is very strong and forthcoming, how does this shape her friendship with Sara?

AD: In the beginning, you can see Sara feeling uncomfortable around her, but day-by-day you can see how they start to understand each other. In the end, Helena is who helps Sara to open herself.

netTVnow: Monica, how would you describe Sara and who her character is at the beginning and end of the series?

MR: Sara's a bit of a rebel teenager that doesn't know how to manage her life and therefore, keeps treating people in a rude way because she's not feeling fulfilled with her life. At the end of the series, thanks to Helena, she finds herself in another point where she's appreciating and accepting herself, becoming much more mature.

netTVnow: What are you most excited for audiences to see?

MR: I hope they can learn from the characters' experiences by sympathizing with their own feelings and emotions.

AD: There were some great moments we filmed, but I know I wouldn't want to miss the sex lessons! I also invite everyone to do the Lesbian Quiz that Helena prepared for Sara.

netTVnow: What's the biggest takeaway you hope that viewers take from Notas Aparte?

MR: I hope they have fun watching it and somehow feel like they're learning life lessons at the same time.

AD: I just hope they have fun while watching the episodes, that's what it's meant for. We had a blast shooting it.

netTVnow: What is the web series industry like in Barcelona?

AD: With a more general look, I wouldn't say it's as strong as it is in other European countries, but I think it's important that initiatives like this are happening and even more so if it has a strong message behind it.

MR: A lot of people are trying to do web series because it's something much more tangible and experimental.

netTVnow: Sometimes other countries struggle with sharing LGBTQ content, what was it like for you girls to bring this story to life?

AD: Alba (Guillén) the writer and Anna (Cuyàs), the producer of the series, talked to us about the current situation about LGBTQ representation in the media and I was very surprised to see that this is still a reality. Personally, I feel proud of representing it.

MR: I don't see a reason why people should be afraid of sharing LGBTQ content, so I hope that nobody will have any problems when sharing it in the future, we really need to normalize things like that.

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