Ryan Sheridan | Haunted or Hoax

Sometimes the best things in life can only be taught through firsthand experience and such was the case for Ryan Sheridan, director of Haunted or Hoax and founder of Indigo7Productions. We got to chat the director on his experience as a filmmaker, his company and his work on the haunted web series!

netTVnow: Tell me about your experience in the industry.

Ryan Sheridan: I started my journey into the film world with a first year university program. Fortunately, I realized there was no value sitting in a classroom when I could be gaining invaluable experience creating films on my own. This prompted me to leave and start my own film production company. From there I went on to create my first short film (Vagabond, 2015), which we shot in the dead of winter. Since then, myself, along with my team have joined many indie Toronto productions, filling roles such as producer, co-executive producer, director, and writer.

netTVnow: How did you get into directing? What about it captured your interest enough to make you want to turn it into a career?

RS: It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what sparked my passion for directing. I’ve always wanted to be a director, and assuming the role felt natural once I started producing projects. What is really intriguing for me as a director is seeing my vision come to life on screen, through the marriage of all elements in the filmmaking process.

netTVnow: Tell me about Indigo7 and the history behind the company.

RS: Indigo7Productions Inc. started from the pure necessity of needing my own roof to work under. I’m a big believer in free creative control and that's not easy to find in this industry. My good friend and now producing partner Alex, and I, had the great idea of combining our talent with those who we regularly work with, leading us here! Two years later and we are still going strong.

netTVnow: How did you get involved with Haunted or Hoax?

RS: Seems like such a long time ago. Natalie had been reaching out to local production companies and when I got the script I couldn’t put it down. Then the rest was history, as they say.

netTVnow: So far we see variations between a single angle shot in front of the computer camera and wide shots of the characters. What prompted that creative choice?

RS: Well, during the early stages of pre-production, it was established that we wanted to stay away from the one-angle webcam style. Our director of photography and I worked very closely together, trying to combine traditional angles with a webcam angle, as the script called for quite a few of webcam moments. What prompted that creative choice was simply the fact that everyone on the creative team felt the one webcam to not be as engaging as multiple angles.

netTVnow: What are some key elements that go into shooting a web series? Is this your first series?

RS: Some of the key elements, in my opinion, are scheduling, budgeting, and communication. Although, these three points I just made are the fundamentals to any production. Scheduling was our biggest obstacle. And yes, this is my first series. Hopefully not my last!

netTVnow: Any advice for those looking into becoming a director?

RS: Just keep making films. Don’t stop and most importantly, don’t let anyone deter you. It’s your vision, YOURS, not theirs. Stick to it and feel free to use curse words when others try to bring you down.

netTVnow: Anything else to add?

RS: I hate ghosts!

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