Streamy Awards 2016

Hello faithful readers! As the weekend is just on the horizon, I wanted to share a bit of information regarding 2016 Streamy Awards and their fan nomination process!

Earlier this week we shared a series of tweets regarding the awards show and the importance of it, especially for creators in the web series and digital media industries.

The Streamy Awards was created to honor the best in online video and the creators behind them. The annual event brings together influencers from all over for a night of celebration in digital media. What's great about the show is that not only creators submit their work to be considered but fans can nominate their favorites as well!

Fan nominations opened this past Monday and close this coming Monday, July 20! Fans are invited to nominate their favorite creators, channels, series and shows across all Streamy Awards Categories. The submission with the most fan nominations in each category automatically becomes one of the five official nominees!

We want to give a big shout out to those creators who have shared their work with the public and are seeking much deserved recognition! We've included a quick round up of just a few series who are in the running for fan nominations! Check them out below and send them a vote, it only takes a few minutes, we promise!

All For One - Live Category

Carmilla - Elise Bauman for Best Lead Actress, Natasha Negovanlis for Best Lead Actress, Carmilla Series for Best Drama, Carmila Series for Best Ensemble Cast

Couple-ish - Indie Series

It's Complicated - Indie Series

The Misselthwaite Archives - Drama Series

While these aren't the only series out there looking for fan nominations, these are just a few to keep in mind! That being said, get out there, submit your work and support your fellow creators!

Nominations can be made here!