Carmilla Series Announces Full Feature Film at NYCC

It's a magical day for the self-proclaimed Creampuffs. Just off the high of Act II, fans of the Carmilla series received more than they bargained for at today's New York Comic Con (NYCC) panel. Not only were they surprised with an Act III trailer but a FILM trailer, as well.

The panel featured Elise Bauman, Natasha Negovanlis, producer Steph Ouakine and co-creator Jordan Hall who filled a 500 person room to its capacity. Since the 2014 launch the series has over 50 million views with over 170 million minutes of watch time generated, with ZERO paid media. Coming from an industry that's still in the process of making their own rules, the minds behind Carmilla have set the bar. According to to Jay Bennett, SVP, Creative and Innovation at Shaftesbury/Smokebomb, "The demand for Carmilla has been off-the-charts so we wanted to super-serve the fans by exploring the story further through other formats and platforms."

Dubbed a "love letter to the fans," the feature film will be self-funded by Smokebomb, which means that you, yes you, can be part of bringing this project to life. So how can you help? By pre-ordering some awesome bundle below!

And that's not all, the folks over at Smokebomb will be hosting short contests through the months of October, November and December, giving away limited edition merchandise, signed props and other secret perks to be announced. So keep an eye out and check out their official Tumblr post for more information.

The film will of course feature many of the original series cast although none but the leads have been announced. Additionally, Alex Acoba will be joining Jordan Hall in co-writing the film.

And while we know that sometimes pennies can be tight, we're happy to announce a contest in gifting THREE lucky winners with a OG Creampuff bundle. So send us a tweet on what Carmilla means to you and you could be one of the lucky three!

For more information on the film, please check out the film's page here.

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