netTVnow Announces Creative Corner

In sticking with our dedication to providing content for web series lovers and those involved in creating those web series, netTVnow is excited to announce Creative Corner.

In an effort to provide a firsthand experience to those who are looking to get involved with web series, netTVnow is looking to publish diary-style/commentary pieces. We're looking to feature folks who have or are currently in the process of bringing a web series to life whether that be on or off screen.

It's important for people to know that it takes more than just great acting, writing and directing to develop a great series. There are producers, sound people, editors, story editors, transmedia writers, publicists, funding campaigns and so much more! Our goal is to shed light on those folks and educate others who are looking into creating their own series.

Now that we've covered why we're doing this, here's what we're looking for:

  • Diary-style pieces - Wtf is this you ask? Plain and simple, we're looking for diary entries documenting your time on set or even pre/post production, to give audiences a bit more of a breakdown of what your typical day-to-day is like. We'd love any images, video entries or other assets to include in your piece. 
  • Commentary pieces - We envision these submissions to be a bit more reflective, advice sharing and lessons learned type of pieces. We also welcome any assets that would help amplify your piece!
  • Do the above two options not sound like a fit for what you want to share? Shoot us a note about what YOU want to share and let's chat about how we can set this up. We want to share your story.

We encourage series of all genres, shapes and sizes to submit! The only way to grow and learn is to create these discussions within the community itself and we are very proud to be a part of it. To submit your series, please fill out the form below or find a direct link here!

We look forward to sharing your story and learning all that there is to this wonderful, booming medium!

Michelle Rose
Founder of netTVnow