IPF Announces Phase 1 Results

Today, the Independent Production Fund (IPF) announced that of the 171 proposals for web series funding from across Canada, 31 (20 in English, 11 in French) have been selected by the 40-member Pre-Selection Committee.

Additionally, 5 web series previously funded by the IPF were eligible to apply for funding subsequent seasons. And it's no surprise that comedy is the front runner of genres leading the selection pack.

"There is a flurry of excitement annually about the great proof-of-concept trailers that have been produced during what has been dubbed "IPF Trailer Season," CEO Andra Sheffer stated on their website. "So many of them have so much potential and producers have been working diligently and creatively to promote their projects and build their audiences. Many hundreds of thousands of viewers have now watched Canadian web series trailers and commented on them. There is a lot of expectation and the selected few on the short-list leave many others disappointed. We hope that will find that the exposure they have received and the audiences they have developed will help them to realize their projects."

Each year, the IPF invests aproximately $1.8 million in the producer of 12-15 web series. Series that represent all demographics and genres including: action, animation, thriller, comedy and sci-fi.

For the full list if Phase 1 selections you can check out IPF's site or see them and their trailers, below! Let us know what you think and if your series made the list!


Beattie & Mae - Comedy
Blackout - Mystery/Thriller/Horror
Cam_Girlfriend - Comedy/Drama
CLAIREvoyant - Comedy/Drama
Col Bleu - Comedy/Drama
Georges Est Mort - Comedy
Gym Rat - Comedy
Hit On Me - Comedy
I Can't Even - Comedy
In Search Of - Comedy/Drama
Jib & Jab on a Quest - Comedy/Fantasy
La loi et l’ordre à Parc-Ex - Comedy/Drama
L’ARÈNE - Comedy/Drama
Le band et Sébastien - Comedy
Les enfants nomades - Comedy
Les Inclassables - Comedy/Drama
NarcoLeap - Mystery/Thriller/Sci-Fi
Off Kilter - Comedy
Oh My Lord - Comedy
P6HUT (Stay Back) - Comedy/Drama
Steve Rocky - Comedy
Sylvain le Magnifique - Comedy
Tokens - Comedy
The Vault - Sci-Fi
Wharf Rats - Comedy
You Are A Beautiful Machine - Comedy/Drama/Sci-Fi


My 90-Year-Old Roommate - Comedy
Petrol the Series - Drama
People Watching - Comedy/Drama
Project-M - Sci-Fi
Running with Violet - Mystery/Thriller