New Series Katie & Shaun Shines Light Into Mental Health Issues

Just last week, Something Pretty productions released their debut series Katie & Shaun on YouTube.

With approximately 1 in 5 adults in the US experiencing mental illness in a given year, Katie & Shaun is a dramatic web series depicting the realities of living with anxiety and depression. In an effort to speak to a wider audience, the series creators are hoping that the accessibility of their series will shine a light into some of those living in dark places.

Created by husband and wife duo Matt Thomas as writer and Susan Allen as director, the series stars Meghan Maguire as Katie and Ricky Goldman as Shaun.

The series will feature six-minute episodes in which audiences will see Katie and Shaun during their sessions with their psychologists as well as their behavior in the outside world, to demonstrate the tolls their conditions take on their lives, the strategies they employe and the lies they tell themselves to cope. 

The series premiered May 26 on YouTube you can catch it now and stay tuned to their social media channels for new episodes every Friday and updates!