Man Friday Series Announces Season Zero & Funding Campaign

Grey Paper Crane Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting artists to advice, career opportunities and most importantly to each other, based in Toronto and London, announces Man Friday, their second production featuring a comedic web series.

  Credit: Grey Paper Crane Network

Credit: Grey Paper Crane Network

Inspired by an ad in a local newspaper, Man Friday is the brainchild of Bertha Lee and Nemo Martin, following a ragtag group of "plumbers" who find that there are more than just sinks that need fixing. Undercover agent Evelyn portrayed by Roxy Faridany, is worried about her friend Friday, an ex-hacker played by Kai Nossek, who suddenly has a change in their personality. As a way to help heal her friend, Evenlyn decides to restart their adolescent pet business, Man Friday: Anything and Everything. Along the way she hires Matt, an ex-field operative played by James Day, to be Friday's avatar in their handyman service. While he's useless at housework, Matt finds himself caring for each client's emotional needs. Audiences will find the three leads bonding over their shared experiences and revel in the humor that neither one knows the other is a spy.

The series also stars Charlie Baker, Jo Bhouri, Helen Chan, Devash Hanoomanjee, Leanne Henlon, Brian Law, Malwina Sadowska and Raagni Sharma.

Standing out in the series is the series' focus on highlighting lack of representation, particularly for Westernized Asians and gender non-comforming people, in the media. Featuring a well diverse cast and crew, the series is proud to represent a non-binary actor and writer. The series is dedicated to showing that proper representation is possible where people of color and people within the LGBTQ community, aren't the punchline, but instead are integral to the story.

"These characters are going to make you laugh and charm their way to your heart. As a writer, I wanted to be challenged to write comedy that I laugh at. I think laughter is important to life, but i find most comedies make sex jokes, racist jokes or archetypical jokes," said Lee. "They always too easy and unkind. I just wanted to do something funny but not unkind."

The series launched their crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo just this week and are hoping to raise £800 to support four episodes for their season zero. You can view the teaser trailer here.