netTVnow Needs Your Help!

Good morning, loyal readers, I've be wracking my brain to find the words to create this post and I'm honestly still coming up quite shorthanded, so please bear with me.

One month ago I launched an Indiegogo campaign to help keep the lights on for netTVnow, in the first day alone I was met with so much support and kind words, it was so overwhelming but in the best way possible. Some of you know me personally, some of you might not know me at all but I can't thank you enough for everything you've done to help make netTVnow a success and keep it running for another year.

Our initial campaign was for $500 USD to cover site renewal, social media and other website integrations. What I didn't expect was to surpass that goal and now that I have, I'm hoping we can do even more. 

In 2016 we held three giveaways, a Valentine Smith exclusive prints of Haunted or Hoax, a signed cast photo of The Leslie and Carmilla online bundles. Part of what makes web series so great is the community, you, the fans who make these creatives feel so appreciated and support them in their work no matter what it may be and a way I've found works well, is through giveaways. I'd love to give back to you guys as much as you have given to the web series you support because sometimes thank you just isn't enough.

Since May 25, 2016, we've covered over 100 web series! Do you know how many web series are out there? Thousands. And one day we'll cover as many of those as we can using more resources to do so.

This definitely isn't easy running it alone but it's so rewarding hearing the feedback and having an amazing support system and some awesome guest writers such as Aria Bauer, Nick Feldman, Kellee Lemcke and Mariana Weber. What I'm hoping to do is branch out even more and deliver more content for you guys and that means bringing more people onboard to give web series more opportunities to share their voices outside of the already existing columns. If you see something you want added or think would be valuable, please tell me, I am always looking for ways to make this site better for web series lovers and web series creators. 

We have some amazing perks available from web series help from the likes of RJ Lackie and Aria Bauer, to web series advertising, sticker packs, hangouts with the creators of The Leslie and It's Complicated, PR/marketing help and so much more! I hope there's something you'll love and that you'll share it regardless if there is or not.

I'm hoping that in the next month, we'll be able to meet our Stretch Goal #3! I know it sounds like a lot but a lot of that money is going to go back to you guys. We want to do more giveaways, cover web series in other cities and more importantly, help make more web series. I know you've probably heard me drone on and on about this campaign and read my ranted Twitter feed but I just wanted to make one last push to share the message of how this little project that could came about and where I hope to see it go.

Alright, I'm done going on and on and I'm going to leave it with a final thank you to every single one of who have donated, liked, shared, smoke signaled and whatever else there is to share this campaign. There truly aren't enough words for me to convey how grateful I am for all of you. After the Indiegogo campaign does end, we are looking to moving to a Patreon account so I hope you'll stick with me long enough to check that out and help us share that when the time comes.

Thanks again everyone,