Introducing Ridiculous Recaps!

netTVnow is excited to announce a new take on your average episode/web series recap. An idea introduced by our lovely Aria Bauer, we introduce you to Ridiculous Recaps which will be found later this week in our Recaps section. So without further ado...Take it away Aria!

Another year has come to an end so naturally there are about a hundred and ten million ‘Best of The Year’ lists floating about for your perusal. This is not that list. If you want that list, you’ll want to click to another article on this website. In fact, this isn’t even really a list. 

It’s more of a smorgasboard. 

Because in a year that’s been nothing but ridiculous I thought we could build our own brand of enjoyable ridiculousness. The Ridiculous Recaps. Welcome. We’re happy to have you. Here’s the shtick.

I’m going to recap a single randomized episode from a web series that I’ve never watched before. 

That’s it. No context. No research. No storybuilding. I’m just going to stick the number of episodes into a random number generator, watch whichever episode number comes out, and recap it for you as best I can. Here’s a spoiler. None of them turned out to be an episode one so we just jump right. 

After all, I did promise you some ridiculousness.

There are so many great web series out there and as much as we’d like to, there’s simply no time to watch them all straight through. So I’m doing some of the legwork for you. Just a snippet of each series. Enough to discover tone and type. Here at netTVnow, we partner with Vancouver Web Fest on some of our project so I’ve chosen a list of their ‘Official Selections’ for our Ridiculous Recaps.

Written by Aria Bauer