#TBT to All For One

From the brilliant minds that brought you The March Family Letters and The Soliloquies of Santiago, Sarah Shelson and RJ Lackie brought to life one of this year's most talked about web series, All For One.

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

A modern adaptation of the novel The Three Musketeers, this series takes place in modern day university where Dorothy Castlemore, portrayed by Gwenlyn Cumyn, arrives at Dumas College in hopes of joining her beloved grandmother's sorority, Mu Sigma Theta (MST). It's definitely no easy ride for Dorothy as she quickly learns she will NOT be joining MST and instead finds herself in a blossoming relationship while simultaneously trying to take down the evil Student Union President.

Befriending herself a solid group of MST's, Dorothy works with Portia (Claire Gagnon-King), Ariana (Angie Lopez), Treville (Denise Yuen) and Alex (Alejandra Simmons) to get as much dirt as she can on the Student Union President in an effort to clear MST's president's name. The 30-episode series includes nerf gun fights, a 22-minute live episode, lady kisses and so much more. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll cry from laughing and so much more as this web series delivers everything you never thought you needed.

Honestly if the storyline doesn't sell you, perhaps the amazing production value and the integration of a live chat feed that can visibly be seen on screen will, adding a whole new layer of story arcs and themes as these Inseparables become intertwined into the daily lives of Dorothy and her friends.

Check out the series and be sure to stay tuned on August 13th at 5 PM EST, for an official live rewatch with the cast and crew from your beloved series!

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