#TBT to the I Can't Even Series

Meet Em (Louise Cox) and Lex (Tiana Hogben), they’re two best friends who live together and share their love and sometimes distaste for almost every fandom out there and I mean every fandom.

Written by Alyce Adams and produced by sister Hayley Adams, the duo brought to life an amazing web series called I Can’t Even that premiered earlier last year. The series follows the friendship and fandom between Em and Lex and the rather hilarious circumstances they sometimes find themselves in.

The first episode is probably one of my favorites as it focuses on the Harry Potter fandom and the disappointment of not having received a letter to Hogwarts (I’m still waiting, NBD). Other highlights include the Star Wars episode and another personal favorite, the Hunger Games episode in which Lex mercilessly teases Em using sexual innuendos involving Peeta and lots of bread!

I think you like him. No, I think you loaf him. You loaf him so much...I bet he can knead that dough like nobody’s business.”
— Lex

The series features a ton of hilarious one-liners and their set is honestly one of my favorites. The apartment is literally covered from floor to ceiling in almost every fandom paraphernalia you can imagine. The actors themselves are sweethearts and actually fangirls themselves; you’ll find something relatable in both Em and Lex.

For any fanperson out there, I highly recommend checking out this week’s Throwback Thursday Series and send some love to incredibly Aussie team that put it together. Their series was screened at the 2015 NYC Web Fest, recipient of the Best New Talent at Online Video Award from IF Magazine and will be featured in this year’s Melbourne Web Fest Spotlight!

Check out the series now and be sure to keep an eye out for them on social media. There’s some great things coming down the pipeline!

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