#TBT to The March Family Letters

Quite possibly one of the best literary web series out there is The March Family Letters, a modern adaption of Louisa May Alcott's novel, Little Women. Created by Sarah Shelson (All For One), in conjunction with Cherrydale Productions and Pemberley Digital, the 50-episode series is absolutely flawless and I can understand why IPF selected it to receive funding back in 2014.

In this rendition of Little Women, we follow the March family as they record vlogs for dear Marmee who has recently been deployed. A unique twist in The March Family Letters is the gender-swapped roles and it is so tastefully done that I was immediately drawn into the series. 

Credit: imdb

Credit: imdb

The cast is phenomenal, starring: Alex Kerr as Jo March, Cassidy Civiero as Amy March, Jessica Allen as Meg March, Nicole Girt as Beth March, Demi Oliver as Laurie and Alejandra Simmons as Joan. While watching, I often had to remind myself that the actors are indeed acting and not actual siblings as their chemistry is so fluid, which is probably why they won the 2016 HollyWeb Festival award for Best Ensemble Cast!

Like the original novel, we follow each March sister as they go through life's many obstacles. One of my favorite storylines centers on Meg as she learns how to unwind a bit and let her guard down. I won't spoil how that turns out or who she ends up with, but his/her name might rhyme with "loan." A close second favorite is the mild and meek Beth, who struggles to come out of her shell but finds solace in her music.

Along with top-notch writing comes a transmedia side to The March Family Letters in which characters continue storylines in conjunction with the series, either pre/post an episode. While some series struggle to incorporate transmedia, this one did an amazing job at telling their story even before the series aired in which they call The Prologue.

For any literary web series lover or lover of web series in general, this series is most definitely worth the watch. But beware, once you watch one you're going to have to watch them all!

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