Carmilla - Act III, Part I

Here we are for the last time. Feelings braced and emotions hardly ready to dive into the third and final act of season three of the Carmilla web series. This act has a lot of build-up and mythology coming off the first 24 episodes and, as it closes off the series, we can only expect everything to all fall together. 

So, dear readers, once more into the Silas campus we go. 

Episode 25 - ...To the Other Side

When we last left, Carmilla had been captured by Danny and Theo while the Dean was lunging at Laura with the intent to kill. However, at the last second Laura was poofed away by unknown forces to reappear in a dusty, empty blue-tinged version of the Library. 

For now, we leave Laura behind to open on the Dean who is experiencing the angst that comes with not being able to snap the neck that you were so ready to snap. A relatable problem. On the other hand, Carmilla’s immediate problem is trying to figure out where Laura went. She had her love for only moments before Laura disappeared. 

The Dean insists it wasn’t her but before she can elaborate, the library starts making ominous noises.

One quick poof later and the Dean, Danny and Theo are all gone. They quickly reappear on the camera in the Dean’s office to offer lots of interesting threats including selling the library piece by piece on Amazon. We also finally get to find out why our favorite mischievous library is sentient in the first place. 

 Bye Felicia!  Credit: YouTube

Bye Felicia!
Credit: YouTube

 Easy there Theo.  Credit: YouTube

Easy there Theo.
Credit: YouTube

It’s not just a library. It’s a god.

Enki, Sumerian god of knowledge, to be more precise. 

Called it. 

As Theo pukes in the background due to the nausea of teleporting, the Dean is putting pieces together and figuring out that Enki still has the ‘high priest’. As the Dean no longer has Carmilla in her grasp, she sets off to gather up the high priest to use in her sacrifice at the sixth gate. 

Poor JP. 

 ALL OF THE TEARS.  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

We’re quickly distracted from his fate by the sight of Carmilla alone in the library. Barely keeping it together, she begs the empty air of the library to bring Laura back now that the threat is gone. 

Carmilla is left close to tears and shouting at the ceiling, “Just bring her back to me please.”

But no Laura. 

We cut to our favorite tiny journalist and she’s still wide-eyed and looking around the broken down library of dust. She puts the talismans on the table and starts calling out for anyone who might be around. It wouldn’t be Laura if she wasn’t talking to no-one so we get another quick monologue where Laura gives us a recap, determines that she isn’t dead, and wanders around with a book as her chosen weapon.

Laura. You have a sword. It’s right there. 

Our brave Hollis manages to scare herself by backing into a wooden pole. Very scary. However, when someone walks out from the back of the library dressed in a full body bio-hazard suit and a ventilator mask, Laura quickly whacks them in the face. 

 Holy Hogwarts, it's LaF!  Credit: YouTube

Holy Hogwarts, it's LaF!
Credit: YouTube

Alright. Fine. Maybe the book wasn’t the worst weapon choice. At least it’s not a spatula. 

The mask is quickly peeled off to reveal a disheveled LaFontaine and Laura can’t help but leap at them for a hug and they are not feeling the hug. 

They freeze up and we immediately know that something is wrong when they say, “okay, Laura-like-looking person” and asks if Laura is a hallucination. They quickly reveal that Laura’s existence is impossible because Laura is dead. 

After some digging, Laura is quick to put a name to what is going on here. An alternate universe. In this new alt-world, Laura didn’t save the girls but instead disappeared to be thrown into the pit. Alt-Danny tore the campus apart looking for her, Alt-Perry broke with reality, Alt-Kirsch was framed for throwing Laura in the pit and Alt-Carmilla just disappeared. 

In case you didn’t catch it, we will now be using Alt-Character to discuss this new Alt-Universe. The sci-fi writer in me is so happy.

Alt-LaF then reveals that they were banned and expelled from campus for keeping up Alt-Laura’s broadcasts after she died and, due to some nasty parts of their expulsion, are no longer capable of going home. In an understated sad moment, they reveal that they’ve set up a lab in the library and are now making homemade anti-depressants.

 Hi JP!  Credit: YouTube

Hi JP!
Credit: YouTube

Alt-LaF is quick to push past themselves to try and figure out why Laura is in the Alt-Universe at all. JP pops up in the screen and Alt-LaF threatens to delete him if he keeps bothering them, however Laura is quick to jump to JP’s defense. This isn’t Alt-JP, this is Laura’s JP. 

He explains that in the library’s calculations, they need the fourth talisman to even have a chance to defeating the Dean so he’s sent her to a world where Vordenberg is still alive. So all Laura has to do is the unthinkable. 

Kill Vordie. Again.

Sure. No problem. It didn’t send her into a crippling depression last time or anything. 

Episode 26 - Objects in The Rearview Mirror

We open with a brief discussion on ethics where Laura is not entirely on board with killing the Baron. More crucially, JP reveals that the Alt-Universe is only a temporary pocket of existence created by the library that will eventually dissipate and that Alt-Vordie won’t exist beyond it either way. Tiny Hollis now has a countdown on getting that heart. 

Alt-LaF just thinks it’s cool that their entire universe is just a pocket of causality. 

Laura still isn’t sure. As far as she can tell, this Alt-Universe might be better than her own. After all, in this world none of season 2 happened so the Alt-Dean isn’t opening the gates and lots of dead students are still alive. 

She isn’t giving time to ponder this further as Alt-LaF connects her to someone with an inside edge on where Vordie and his heart might be. Alt-Perry. 

 Surprise!  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

 PERRY! How we've missed you!  Credit: YouTube

PERRY! How we've missed you!
Credit: YouTube

Dialing in through the ethernet, it’s our first glance of Perry being Perry all season. She might have a new pair of glasses but she’s still high-strung and high pitched. When Laura pops out from behind Alt-LaF, she panics. Telling Alt-LaF that this freakish experiment isn’t funny, she refuses to help them and get dragged any further down their path. Laura tries to give an inspirational speech but Perry can’t bring herself to do it. She’s too afraid of getting herself killed. 

Just before she logs out, she reminds Alt-LaF to change their HEPA filters to avoid dust. 

Laura can only stand in shock at how scared Alt-Perry was and Alf-LaF just shrugs and says that everyone on campus is. That it feels like something is coming. 

That can't be good. 

We cut from Alt-World back to our normal universe where Carmilla manages to make sitting in a chair look angry while LaF goes through a series of experiments. Goal: Find Laura. They run a number of tests on the magical door, only to have to open on a normal hallway each time. LaF’s prognosis?

The Library is dead.

This answer doesn’t satisfy Carmilla and our brOTP falls further apart as she threatens to end LaF. After all, LaF is the one who brought the Dean to the library despite Carmilla’s opinion and now Laura is missing. As far as Carmilla is concerned, it’s LaF’s fault. The only thing saving our mad scientist is that killing LaF would be counter productive. 

All Carmilla wants is Laura back. She is willing to exhaustive every possibility in the long list of reasons she could have ‘just disappeared’, including burning every book in the library to the ground. 

 All the sadness.  Credit: YouTube

All the sadness.
Credit: YouTube

 Emotional Carmilla is pretty scary.  Credit: YouTube

Emotional Carmilla is pretty scary.
Credit: YouTube

Yelling at the ceiling, Carmilla pledges to essentially burn the world to the ground just to get Laura back. 

The library doesn’t respond. LaF scurries off to get researching. 

Back in the Alt-Universe, Laura and Alt-LaF are running through the list of people who could potentially help them get the Vordie heart and are coming up empty. Danny is locked up, Kirsch is dead, the Summers are disbanded, and the alchemy club have turned into sentient mushroom zombies. 

Before they can think of anyone, there’s a snapping sound and LaF panics as they tell Laura to hide. LaF runs off as Laura dives behind a chair.

Wow. A+ hiding skills there, Hollis. 

Who walks into the room? Alt-Carmilla. 

A “Carmilla” falls off Laura’s tongue unbidden and that’s enough to have Alt-Carmilla jumping back like a skittish cat. All heavy eyeliner, bangs, and more black than we’ve seen, Alt-Carmilla looks at the ceiling and puts her hands out to the side like she’s trying to force something away. 

A series of no’s fall from her lips as she insists to the ceiling that Laura can’t be here. Laura is dead. Laura’s not here. Her breathing is heavy and her skin looks paler than even a vampire should. She mutters and closes her eyes and this broken girl we’re seeing is so far from our Carmilla that our gut instantly flips. 

Laura stays hidden, looking on in shock at the muttering Alt-Carmilla. 

It’s a good thing she does because the next person striding through the door is Alt-Matska Belmonde.

Episode 27 - If You’re Lost, You Can Look

Alt-Mattie has absolutely no sympathy left for Alt-Carmilla’s mutterings. Leaving Carmilla to lot mournful and small, Alt-Mattie reminds us that The Alt-Dean dragged Alt-Mattie to camus to help whip Alt-Carmilla back into shape. She tries to tempt Alt-Carm with snacking on a few terrified students but Alt-Carmilla isn’t interested. 

Instead, she embarks on a conversation that is made of pieces of other conversations we’ve seen throughout the series. Still small and worn, Alt-Carm asks Alt-Mattie if she knew what happened to the girls as Alt-Carmilla steps back and talks of how those girls trusted her and she betrayed them. Alt-Mattie warns her that those are the kind of words that got Alt-Carm locked in a coffin.

“At least I’d deserve it,” Alt-Carm says.

When Alt-Mattie tells her to stop beating herself over lost loves, Alt-Carmilla is quick to snap that the girl’s name was Laura. To which Alt-Mattie practically laughs and reminds Alt-Carmilla that she never even really knew Laura. 

And Alt-Carmilla breaks a little more. Her voice is cracked with tears as she admits that she hardly knew Laura and slumps as she explains that Laura listened to her. For the first time someone listened and didn’t flinch away. We’ve never seen a Carmilla this small as she explains that Alt-Laura trusted her even as Alt-Carmilla was handing her over to The Alt-Dean. Even when Alt-Laura was pod-peopled, somehow her personality still managed to shine through. 

Laura still watches from behind the chair, face full of sympathy.

Eventually, her speech fades out and Alt-Carmilla closes with “how could a girl like that ever believe in a girl like me.”

Laura can’t take it anymore, “But I did,” she says.

Alt-Carmilla’s reaction is immediate. She springs back, eyes on the ceiling again in fear as she repeats over and over that Laura is dead and not there and just another voice. 

Laura goes to her, insisting that she’s real before putting Alt-Carmilla’s hand on her heart so that she can feel Laura’s heartbeat. 

Alt-Carmilla freezes. 

 Has anyone seen Laura?  Credit: YouTube

Has anyone seen Laura?
Credit: YouTube

 Even in an alternate world they're still meant to be.  Credit: YouTube

Even in an alternate world they're still meant to be.
Credit: YouTube

Then she desperately tries to explain to Laura that she didn’t know about the anglerfish, begging for forgiveness without daring to ask for it. So Laura gives it anyway, telling Alt-Carmilla it’s okay and brushing the hair from her face. This desperate and sad Alt-Carmilla latches onto it like a bee that has never seen sugar. 

Alt-Mattie interrupts, asking what the ‘holy hell is going on’. 

Even as Laura moves around the room, Alt-Carmilla follows her like a broken kitten. While Alt-Mattie makes threats, Laura explains that the Alt-Dean is going to open the pits. When Alt-Mattie makes her next threat, Alt-Carmilla steps forward to tell Alt-Mattie that she won’t let her hurt Laura. 

Broken and sad Carmilla version of a season two flashback anyone?

With this small spark of fight from Alt-Carmilla, Alt-Mattie agrees to listen to Laura’s plan. Laura explains with Alt-Carmilla glued to her shoulder like a desperate, love-struck parasite and Mattie is on board. In fact, she seems almost giddy about the whole thing. She even goes so far as to offer to kill Alt-Vordie for Laura. 

Laura’s eyes go wide, “Would you?”

We cut back our universe where Carmilla is pacing and literally growling like a panther. Neck-deep in research, LaF complains that the growling isn’t helping find Laura faster and encourages Carmilla to actually help out instead of just slave-driving our last remaining ginger. 

 Carmilla...the heart eyes...they're just...too much  Credit: YouTube

Carmilla...the heart eyes...they're just...too much
Credit: YouTube

 Meanwhile in the "real" world  Credit: YouTube

Meanwhile in the "real" world
Credit: YouTube

So, we cue up a research montage that ends when Carmilla throws a book across the room. 

The research does reveal a book on ‘the alternative uses of the talismans’ and LaF stands up with excitement in their eyes for the first time. 

They can’t find Laura but they might have a way to save Perry.

Episode 28 - Time After Time

Back in Alt-World, Laura and Alt-LaF are waiting for Mattie to return with the heart before Laura can poof back to the real universe. Suddenly, JP starts turning red and fizzling out. He gets out broken sentences about pain and the Dean discovering their plan before disappearing entirely. 

Again, there’s no time to dwell on JP as Alt-LaF is forced to scamper off screen when Alt-Carmilla enters. She’s laden down with the entire contents of the vending machine, trying to find anything that will make Laura happy.

While Alt-Carmilla refuses to take her eyes off Laura, our tiny journalist spends most of her time looking vaguely uncomfortable with how broken this Alt-Carmilla is. 

Laura. I’m right here with you. This is not cute, very unhealthy behavior, and horribly sad. 

 Cupcake...of course she would.  Credit: YouTube

Cupcake...of course she would.
Credit: YouTube

Regardless, she assures Alt-Carmilla that in Laura’s world they did successfully defy the Dean. She deflates slightly when she mentions that the Dean doesn’t seem to have any weakness. 

To which Alt-Carmilla says that it’s hard to have weaknesses when your heart is buried. She then tells Laura a story that Alt-Dean told her when she was being too broody over Laura. As the Dean tells it, Inanna lost her love and descended to the underworld to get him. However, the other gods stopped her before they could be reunited. 

BOOM. Dean motivation story. Locked and loaded. 

The ever sympathetic Laura takes a moment to remark on how sad that is. She catches herself, mentioning that it’s sad but not worth ‘burning the world down sad’. 

Leading Alt-Carmilla to say the worst thing yet. 

Looking excited, she swears to Laura that she would do the same for Laura. Burn the whole world down to keep her now that she’s back. 

Laura is so not down with this but before she can tell Alt-Carmilla, who is still looking at her like she’s the sun, Alt-Mattie bursts in with heart in hand. 



She offers Vordie’s heart to Laura but pulls back at the last second as her gaze catches the other talismans that Laura has laid out on the desk. Most crucially, her locket. Her broken locket. The locket that could only be broken if Mattie was dead. For a moment, Laura tries to talk her way out of it but Alt-Mattie doesn’t fall for it. In her rage, she throws Vordie’s heart to the ground and crushes it. Laura’s last chance squished to pieces. 

JP, still red, flickers back on the screen to tell Laura that they’re out of time. 

She shouts at him to move her to another universe. 

Alt-Carmilla grabs onto her, refusing to let her go again. 

 JP NO!  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Screaming in pain, JP tells Laura that there’s one last chance. At the last gate, the Dean will have to give up her immortality to open it. Then he screams again, the screen flickers, and everything fades to quick cut-outs of the past three seasons. 

We return to our usual library, Carmilla and LaF still researching, when Laura pops back on screen with her bloody hand. 

Episode 29 - Back to The Total Lack of Future

 No room for LaF this time.  Credit: YouTube

No room for LaF this time.
Credit: YouTube

Carmilla leaps across the room, takes a quick second to look at Laura, and then pulls her into a hug. There are no complaints from Laura as she wraps Carmilla in her arms before moving in for a quick kiss. LaF hovers awkwardly on the side before tapping Laura on the back during the prolonged hug and saying that they’re also glad to see her back. 

With her hand covered in blood from the missing heart, Laura explains the alternate universe plan. LaF is on board with this idea and, when Laura explains that she didn’t get the heart, tries to call up JP to jump Laura again. 

Laura tells them that he’s dead.

They ignore her, typing furiously into the computer and trying to call him up.

But there’s nothing call JP left in the computer. 

When Laura reaches out, LaF yanks away as their face goes blank. They pull back slowly and then walk away to go up the stairs without another word. Between Perry and now JP, LaF is slowly losing everyone they care about most and having a reunited Hollstein right next door must only make it worse. 


With LaF’s loss lingering, Hollstein can’t help but pull closer to each other. However, before they can truly have a moment the lights in the library flicker dark as the library makes an ominous noise. When the noises stop, the lights come back on. 

 So dear folks of Silas...or anyone else who might be watching.  Credit: YouTube

So dear folks of Silas...or anyone else who might be watching.
Credit: YouTube

We cut forward where Laura explains to camera that this darkness is the result of the Dean opening the sixth gate and plunging the world into darkness. She tries to call Betty to check in but only gets the line for the ‘Princeton Emergency Apocalypse Response Network.’ Looks like nowhere is safe and the show gives us a novella reference in “General Spielsdorf”. 

Laura squeezes into one of the comfy chairs beside Carmilla as she overviews exactly how bleak their future is looking. Referencing the Alt-Universe, Laura says that the other universe was actually the darkest one and lets it slip that she was dead in the other world. Playing with Carmilla’s fingers, Laura explains how sad it was to see that everyone in Alt-world had just stopped trying and were waiting for the end to come. 

How glad she is to see this Carmilla inside of the sad, broken shell that Alt-Carmilla was. 

“I couldn’t stand it if that happened to us,” Laura says. 

 Hollstein 2016  Credit: YouTube

Hollstein 2016
Credit: YouTube

“I won’t let it,” Carmilla promises and leans in for a kiss. But her next words are far more haunting with the same promise of Alt-Carmilla ringing in our ears, “even if the whole world burns,” Carmilla says, “I won’t lose you again.”

Oh Carm, no. 

Laura’s face flickers but she says nothing. We cut to Hollstein closer to the camera as Carmilla wakes from a nap that Laura can only describe as a ‘kitten murdering a ball of yarn’.

All the Catmilla references please. 

Laura has spent Carmilla’s nap-time thinking about how they can stop the Dean once she surrenders her immortality at the last gate. Carmilla proposes using the sword on the Dean. Once the Dean loses her immortality the sword will work on her. 

But that means sacrificing Perry. 

And LaF walks down the stairs just in time to hear the end of their plan. 

Episode 30 - Narrowing Paths

It would be an understatement to say that LaF is unhappy. They’re more of a free chlorine atom just waiting for that last electron to push them over the edge and into new territory. Highly reactive. 

LaF can’t believe that as soon as the talismans aren’t an option, they jump right to killing Perry. While Carmilla just says that Perry isn’t worth dooming the world, Laura tries to calm them by saying that she’d love to hear another plan if LaF has any. 

Scoffing, LaF just says that it’s only time to practical when it’s LaF friends dying. When it’s JP and Perry. If it was Laura on the line, LaF points out, there’s no way Carmilla would talking about killing her. 

Hollstein. LaF has a point here. 

Despite Laura’s best efforts, her speech that no-one is more important than the end of the world, and her asking for another plan, LaF isn’t buying their new kill-Perry-if-they-have-to.

 Kaitlyn Alexander absolutely SLAYING.  Credit: YouTube

Kaitlyn Alexander absolutely SLAYING.
Credit: YouTube

“I can see how it would be inconvenient to take murder off the table,” they say, eyes cold, “it’s funny, because when this started, we were just trying to save one girl.” Then they tell Hollstein to leave. When Laura and Carmilla don’t move, they shout at them to get out and for the first time it’s Hollstein fleeing the room as LaF thumps into a chair. 

I think the brOTP just broke up for good. 

 Mel really deserves more credit guys.  Credit: YouTube

Mel really deserves more credit guys.
Credit: YouTube

As LaF barricades themself away, we cut to Laura explaining the new ‘stab the Dean once she gives up her immortality’ plan to Mel. Our ‘pit correspondent’ is not feeling it. Not only does she think that Laura will be incapable of stabbing the Dean but her first reaction to the plan is simply, “I really hate you guys.”

To be fair, Laura does not have a great track record with plans. 

Also, Mel’s sarcasm gives me life. 

 Carm's such a sucker :)  Credit: YouTube

Carm's such a sucker :)
Credit: YouTube

Regardless, Mel has no choice but to agree that she will rally the remaining Summers to help Hollstein get into the pit. As Mel signs out, Carmilla and Laura take the briefest detour into playful banter that is interrupted when Carmilla expresses that she still doesn’t like that their plan involves Laura risking her life. 

Rather than discuss this, Laura simply decides to distract Carmilla with a slow moving kiss to the ear. 

Carmilla folds like a kitten confronted with catnip. 

Those heart eyes just do not die. 

The get a few kisses in before Laura pulls away, groaning and apologizing that she just can’t get the plan out of her head. She refuses to believe that using a magical sword to kill Perry is the best plan that they can come up with. Trying to come up with any solution, Laura starts spitballing the most ridiculous ideas. In a flurry of panic, she grabs the busted glasses and starts reading the runes. 

The prophecies aren’t exactly brimming with sense. Although the astute viewer might be interested in “and where Death has dominion, the holly fades, or the garden withers, unless the growly little sunbeam says no’.

Trying to interpret and coming up with nothing, Laura collapses with a sigh. Carmilla tries to comfort her but Laura cuts her off, insisting that they need a better plan. 

“Alright.” Carmilla says.

Laura turns to her in shock, unable to believe that she didn’t have to make a grand speech to convince Carmilla to look for a non-violent plan. Carmilla just smirks and reminds her that they can always fall back on the violence if they need to. 

Just as Hollstein gets back in flirty territory… POOF. Mattie’s back to share some information that might have been nice to have earlier. 

Any plan that kills the Dean will end with Carmilla dead.

I’m sure that won’t lead to any angst at all. Nope. None. 

Episode 31 - Long Goodbyes

 It's never easy with you Inanna, is it?  Credit: YouTube

It's never easy with you Inanna, is it?
Credit: YouTube

Mattie is not on the ‘no-angst-for-Hollstein’ train that I’m trying to promote here. Instead, she explains that because Inanna’s power was what raised Carmilla, the Dean’s (Inanna’s) power will disappear when she dies and Carmilla will die with her. All of Carmilla’s time since her death at a ball has been stolen time and it ends when the Dean does. 

Oh come on.

As Laura puts it in her frustration, the only way to not kill the Dean and save Carmilla is to bind the Dean with talismans and it’s impossible for them to get all four talismans. Tiny-Ball-Of-Rage Hollis looks ready to bust some heads but all Carmilla can do is smirk and shake her head. 

She gets right to the point and asks Mattie what Ereshkigal’s endgame is by telling them this.

Carmilla’s learned a few things from her 300 years. 

Mattie offers a game where Laura can risk her heart for Carmilla’s safety.

 Why can't we both be heroes?  Credit: YouTube

Why can't we both be heroes?
Credit: YouTube

“No!” The word falls easily from Carmilla’s lips. Laura protests, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep Carmilla from dying but Carmilla won’t hear of it. She says that it’s worth dying to end the dean, save the world, and keep Laura safe. 

She won’t let Laura barter her life. 

Not a hero? Sure Carm. 

Laura can say nothing more as Carmilla tells Mattie to leave. Only once Mattie poofs away does Carmilla let the reality of her upcoming death leak across her face as she sinks slowly into a chair. Laura’s rage is still flowing, her anger coming out as words as to how much she hates their situation and the choices they’ve been given. She can’t even look at Carmilla, shouting at the ceiling at how unfair it all is. 

“I can recall the feeling,” Danny’s voice leaks from the background.

Carmilla jumps between her and Laura but when Danny finally appears, she has Kirsch in her arms and no fight in her voice. Despite Carmilla’s reluctance to trust her, Danny just asks them to take care of Kirsch. Voice wavering between anger and softness, she tells them that Kirsch didn’t deserve anything that has happened to him and that even when Danny wanted to abandon everything she ever stood for, Kirsch still believed in her. 

Danny doesn’t want to lose control and kill him. 

Agreeing to take Kirsch, Laura tells Danny that she never forgot her and that she always thought of Danny as a hero. She offers Danny the chance to help but Danny can’t do it. Carmilla’s face cracks with sympathy as Danny says that she can’t risk letting the Dean get her hooks into Danny again. As Danny goes to leave, Kirsch tries to jump to his feet to follow her and the Kirsch/Danny brOTP breaks hearts a little with Kirsch’s unending loyalty.

 We always knew Danny was good inside.  Credit: YouTube

We always knew Danny was good inside.
Credit: YouTube

Kirsch stays. Danny goes. 

As Kirsch takes his first solid nap in months, Hollstein curls up with Laura in Carmilla’s lap for a cute moment of nose-boops and forehead touches. 

We’re never allowed to have a real Hollstein moment. 

The Silas ethernet pops up on the screen and this time it’s Mel ruining the mood. Apparently the Dean has been digging nonstop for 3 days and the seal will be opening up the next morning. 

Laura’s voice is quiet, “So soon?”

So soon until the end.

So soon to lose Carmilla.

Still, she asks Mel to start the uprising to distract the Dean but Mel can’t do it. The people in the pit haven’t had food or water for days and the Summers are barely staying alive. 

Hollstein is on their own. 

Episode 32 - Places to Go, People to See

 When did LaF have time to do all this?  Credit: YouTube

When did LaF have time to do all this?
Credit: YouTube

With Danny gone and Mel unable to help them, Hollstein’s only remaining option is LaF. Our mad scientist has barricaded themselves away in their lab and put caution tape on the stairs to keep everyone out. But Laura Hollis out of options.

So she barrels through the tape, pulls some boards off the lab door, and barges into the lab. 

To fall in a pit of goo. 

Carmilla has to fish her out. 

When they return, we learn that LaF is gone but they left the talismans behind except for a few pieces. Apparently LaF scraped about an ounce of metal off of the blade of Hastur which can’t mean anything good. Give a mad scientist bits of a magic sword? That’s not a recipe for disaster at all.

With LaF gone and their options limited, Laura’s resigned to their plans to stop the Dean being a one-way ticket. 

“Yeah,” Carmilla says, “And since it is, it should just be for me”

As Carmilla sees it, she’s doomed either way. If they kill the Dean then Carmilla dies too, she might was well be the one to use the soul-sucking sword and save Laura. Tiny Hollis isn’t having it. She tries to come up with every reason for why Carmilla needs her to come from holding the sword to smacking Carmilla’s head if the Dean starts her mind-games. 

Carmilla has a rebuttal to everyone. 

It’s resigned and sad and spoken with just a hint of fondness but it doesn’t break hearts until Carmilla says that she doesn’t want Laura to have to watch her die. 


Carmilla says that if Laura goes with her then all Carmilla will be thinking about is losing Laura and she couldn’t stand to lose Laura for no reason. If she lost Laura, she thinks she’d go mad.

As terrifying flashbacks of alt-Carmilla’s madness run through our head, Laura makes the same reference. She tells Carmilla the story of how the Dean loved someone and, when they were taken from her, she started all of this chaos instead of letting go. Laura says that they can’t be that. 

The parallels make my writer's heart happy even as I want to cry when the dramatic music comes in. 

She gently touches Carmilla’s face and says that half the time she wants to strangle Carmilla but that they’ve also had so much time together. Kisses and cocoa and stars and dancing. They’ve had so much and Laura doesn’t want the Dean’s story to become their story. 

 Together.  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

 Soft kisses and soft smiles.  Credit: YouTube

Soft kisses and soft smiles.
Credit: YouTube

Their story is that they made each other better. 

So they go together. 

They lean in for a soft kiss before Carmilla breaks away with a sad smirk on her lips. She stands, turns, and offers Laura her hand. We get another dance. Echoes of season one playing across the screen as Hollstein dances face to face and chest to chest with a spin that turns into a kiss. 


We transition to Laura, once again speaking to camera in her last goodbye speech. She says goodbye to her Dad and smiles as she explains that they’re going to use his device to incapacitate the Zetas. Then Laura breaks into the sappy stuff, explaining that it always seemed like the world was trying to teach her that if she loved too much then she had too much to lose. Little sobs break out as she says that now she thinks love is worth the risk and that there’s no stopping loss anyway. 

Carmilla is sleeping in the background as Laura says that she’s terrified of losing Carmilla and would do anything to take her place.

You can see the lightbulb flick on. 

 When Laura cries...we all cry.  Credit: YouTube

When Laura cries...we all cry.
Credit: YouTube

 Laura, no!  Credit: YouTube

Laura, no!
Credit: YouTube

Moments later, Laura was the book and the skull in hand but Mattie appears before Laura can even call her. Mattie asks if Laura is here for a gamble and Laura cuts her off with a no. 

This time, Laura is here for a deal.

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Written by Aria Bauer