Haunted or Hoax - Episode 18

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

So how many of you are shipping Casey and Ellia after that episode? After Casey becomes more open with the home owner about her mysterious "dreams" Ellia seems more and more intrigued. Casey's going over some audio interview files when Ellia enters the room giving Casey a quick scare.

There's some awkward vibes coming off of Ellia and it's because the adorable girl is nervous when offering up her artistic ability to draw the woman Casey's been seeing. There's an awesome time lapse in which we see a super giddy Casey describe in what most likely is excruciating detail the woman, while Ellia sketches her out.

 Werk, werk, werk, werk, werk.  Credit: Giphy

Werk, werk, werk, werk, werk.
Credit: Giphy

 Hooray for Valentine art!  Credit: YouTube

Hooray for Valentine art!
Credit: YouTube

Then TA-DA! We've got another image to add to Casey's clue board. Also if any of you are wondering if the artwork looks familiar that's because it's from the amazing artist Valentine Smith! While pinning the sketch to the wall Casey notes that she looks oddly familiar, perhaps she's one of the Grantham's victims? Ellia suggests Casey should get some rest and compared to Jac's previous attempts at getting Casey to rest, she's more open to Ellia.

The screen goes dark and we hear some whispering in the background, suddenly we hear Casey groaning in her sleep, Jac walks in to wake her. Casey wakes up and looks really freaked out. There's no question as to why, her dreams must be getting worse. Jac tells her that there were more people this team, screaming and while she couldn't understand what they were saying there was a consensus that they were trapped.

There are so many things going through my head right now. Why is Casey the most impacted? Is it because of her family relation to the home? If it is, then does that mean Ellia's having the same dreams and just hiding it? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Jac suggests that Casey leave to get some time away from the house but stubborn ol' Casey says no. The more she stays, the more vivid the dreams get, the more she wants to know what the hell is going on.

My heart's torn in what happens next because as someone who is passionate for what they do, I understand why Casey's so freaking adamant about finding the trust. On the other hand, Jac sees her best friend suffering at the cost of mystery they might never solve. Not to mention the affect the Grantham House has had on Casey's emotional state. The lines between reality and her dreams are starting to blur and quite frankly I'm a bit worried for her.

Now, you all know I've got a soft spot for Jac but what she does next is pretty...questionable to say the least. Talk about not letting your emotions get to you Jac. Casey seems a bit manic as she grabs a pile of nearby papers and begins to sift through it, meanwhile Jac finally hits her limit and says, "It's about her isn't it?"

Jealous Jac is back and Casey, sure enough is still oblivious as hell. Jac doesn't understand their connection, she doesn't understand what Casey sees in Ellia and Casey is quick to vouch for the other girl.

"You get to see her, the real her. Under the layers of sarcasm and feigned indifference. She's lonely and sad."

 Oh Jealous Jac...  Credit: YouTube

Oh Jealous Jac...
Credit: YouTube

Then get ready for the low blow delivered to you by none other than Jac..."You'll never see her again when we're done here. She won't want anything to do with you after this." First off, who the hell do you think you are to say this. Second off, Jac WTF?!

I think Casey's starting to slowly see that Jac's protectiveness is coming from a place that isn't just best friend territory. She reminds Jac that her first priority is their website so that they can tell the world about the Grantham House and close the case once and for all. Jac gives her a frustrated look, girl we feel you, and then Casey has yet another genius (or not so genius) idea that she's certain Casey won't like.

They're going upstairs baby!

Stay tuned for our episode 19 recap and in case you haven't heard, we're giving away an original Valentine Smith portrait featuring Jac! If you're interested in winning, click here for more details!

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