Haunted or Hoax - Episode 19

 Prepared for all things are we Casey?  Credit: YouTube

Prepared for all things are we Casey?
Credit: YouTube

Casey begins prepping for operation "Get Upstairs" while Ellia watches her in disbelief that:

A) She's actually going to try and get upstairs
B) That Jac agreed (except that agreed is a strong word, at least according to Casey)

Ellia tries to urge to Casey's logical side by giving her what seems like a million reasons why she shouldn't go upstairs, while also dropping a cute little "Case" in there as well! Cue the "aww's." It's no surprise by now that Ellia coming up with excuses is her way of dealing with situations she's not too comfortable with but lucky for her, well more like unlucky for her, Casey sees right through it.

Ellia continues to bring up excuse after excuse, for example, by asking Casey how she was going to get upstairs given there's clearly a gap in between stairs. Detective Casey of course is already on it. She has Jac out getting supplies to build a temporary ramp because in the event the three of them need to make a hasty exit, it's more reliable than say a ladder, like Ellia suggested.

Oh did you catch that too? Casey said the THREE of them, awfully confident that she'd be able to persuade Ellia to go upstairs too. Casey starts to get frantic again which Ellia is so easily able to remedy by asking her why she wanted to do this so badly. Casey admits that she had another dream (in episode 18) but this time it was stronger. The voices are urging her to go upstairs and she can't help but want to find out why and with no other options left, she feels like this is what needs to happen.

Ellia seems to be getting a bit emotional. Negovanlis absolutely slays in portraying a worrisome Ellia provoking tears that I didn't even know I had in me. She's practically begging at this point for Casey not to go upstairs and shocker, she reveals yet another secret she's been keeping. Shortly after her mother's untimely death, Ellia was given a letter from her lawyer.

Darling if you’re reading this you’ve probably just been told that Grantham House now belongs to you. My love, please know that this is not the blessing it appears to be. This house is rotten, its very essence has been poisoned and now it leaves a stain on those who inhabit it. You have to stay away. If you can, sell it and use the money to get out of town like I should. If no one will buy it from you, leave anyway. This runs deeper than you could ever begin to understand. I wish I could tell you more but I’m not sure I understand it all myself yet.
  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

The letter from her mother alludes to the fact that Ellia's mother must have known something about the house or else why would she bother leaving her this kind of message? Also, she must have known something was going to happen to her!

Anyways, despite Ellia's emotional state Casey's a bit insensitive that the letter leaves no reason as to why Ellia needed to stay away, which to me is how we know Casey's absolutely reached her breaking point. The home owner is once against adamant about all three girls needing to leave the house and Casey finally just tells her that her contract is considered terminated if Ellia would like to leave but Casey in no way was going to be doing such a thing. I love this moment because it's such an eye-rolling Ellia thing to do as she tells Casey, "It isn't about the stupid contract." Casey is so blind to Ellia's affection towards her that it hurts. Casey's tugging on the other girl's heart strings as Ellia admits it isn't fair for Casey to think that Ellia could just leave her there knowing that she's way in over her head.

 And they call it puppy love...  Credit: YouTube

And they call it puppy love...
Credit: YouTube

 So many emotions.  Credit: YouTube

So many emotions.
Credit: YouTube


There's some serious, for lack of a better word (sorry kids) intense eye f*cking going on between Casey and Ellia. It looks like they're about to kiss but alas they do not. Casey instead asks her to stay, to help her and Ellia simply replies with, "What is it about you?" in which it took every ounce of me not to breakout in song singing What is it About Her? from the Off-Broadway show The Wild Party because the lyrics in that song honestly provide the exact feelings that Casey and Ellia are sharing at this given moment.

Before Casey can reply, voices crack through the air most definitely coming from upstairs.

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