Haunted or Hoax - Episode 20

 Armed and ready!  Credit: YouTube

Armed and ready!
Credit: YouTube

It's upstairs they go, while they finalize last minute preparations and while Ellia's still very hesitant about their mission, she still heads on up. The camera frames up to an old family photo, a woman's face appears and then the screen goes dark and before we know it all we hear is someone yelling, "Casey watch out!"

The screen comes to light again and immediately attention goes to Jac lying on the couch with blood on her face, Casey dead center with Ellia in the background rummaging through the fridge. When all three girls are clearly in frame Jac speaks up first and asks if they all saw the same thing. I love this because it's Jac finally realizing that there is something haunted about the Grantham house and it's great to see the light way Ellia and Casey handle it because they've already believed there was something off about the house.

 All of the scrapes and bruises.  Credit: YouTube

All of the scrapes and bruises.
Credit: YouTube

The trio recounts their experiences upstairs with talks about projectile vomiting and high-pitched screaming. Then came the whispers that led the girls towards what they assume is the master bedroom. All things considered, Ellia and Casey found it beautiful with the four-poster bed and the antique furniture. Jac on the other hand found it terrifying. Suddenly the voices got louder and it led the girls to focus on the fireplace. As they neared it however, things began to get worse.

A whirlwind vortex lifts the dust in the room, blocking the girls' visions and lifting furniture at the same time. A mirror hits the ground with shards of glass flying everywhere. One snips Ellia while Jac is hit with soot in her eye from the fireplace. The light at the end of this nightmare tunnel? A loose panel from the fireplace dislodges revealing a book that goes flying towards Casey. The second the book finds its way into Casey's hands the house begins to shake, all three girls haul ass out of there and just as they're headed towards the door outside everything suddenly stops. So what gives? What's this book Casey's lugging around? Well! It's Lady Grantham's diary and Casey far more excited over a book than most people are about Harry Potter but that's just me.

 Look at this happy goober.  Credit: YouTube

Look at this happy goober.
Credit: YouTube

Cut to Casey leaning over Jac to make sure she's comfortable and okay and Ellia looking through the diary on the other couch. For the first time that I can recall at least, Ellia asks Casey questions about herself. She asks if her and Jac are a "thing" and Casey laughs and shakes her head no. She admits that it happened once, ALMOST, but they agreed that they were better off as friends. Ellia's quick to burst that happy-go-lucky bubble Casey's been living in because she brings it to her attention that the reason Jac so terribly hates her is probably because she sees her as a threat.


 YAS SHE IS A THREAT.  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Ellia even goes as far to tell her that she must be blind if she doesn't see the way that Jac looks at her and her willingness to literally do anything she asks. I think it starts to dawn on Casey because she immediately shuts down and says she doesn't want to talk about it. Ellia shrugs it off and goes back to what she's doing but then Casey looks at her and asks, "Are you? A threat?"

Ellia looks surprised that the girl seemed to catch up with what she's putting down but before she can respond we see something fall in the background and hear glass shatter.

So what do you guys think? Do you think Ellia's a threat? Do you think maybe Casey's harboring feelings for Jac? DISCUSS AWAY!

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