Haunted or Hoax - Episode 21

After the terrifying events from episode 20, we get to sit back and relax with some lovely Ellia and Casey time. While Casey gets to cleaning up the glass that mysteriously just "fell" Ellia's taken up to getting cozy with Emily Grantham's diary.

While there isn't much going on between our characters in this episode, it's a huge episode in terms of getting one step closer to solving the Grantham House murders. We learn that Emily was pretty lonely during her time at the house, she worked from home, didn't have many friends and for the most part confided in her housekeeper/cook. To no one's surprise, Emily was just as in love with her husband as he was with her. Emily often wrote about John and to Casey they seemed like the "perfect couple" but I'm pretty sure you all know this is probably just a recipe for disaster.

Now for actual journal entries, they're pretty intense. Check them out below!

William has been behaving rather stranger lately. Where once we conversed very little, he now appears to seek me out as I go about my day. He’s taken to accompanying me on my daily walk around the garden and just yesterday I caught him watching me through a window. William entrapped me today and told me he could not keep his secret any longer, he was overcome with emotion as I have never seen and he grasped my shoulders rougher than any man should. He closed his eyes as though he could not even look at me as he sought the courage to speak. Thankfully we were interrupted by his son before he could continue. I fear he was close to declaring some measure of feeling for me.
— Emily Grantham
William dropped to his knees today as I denied his request for a private conversation. He clung to my dress and begged me to allow a moment to speak his mind. I tried to be kind as he is besotted but I was firm in my resolve and made a hasty retreat. As good fortune would have it Chris came to see me from the kitchen at that exact moment and she stayed with me until we were sure he was not following me. I do not know what to do. John would be heartbroken if he learned William, who he as come to think of as family, was making undesired advances towards his wife and dear Elizabeth who is newly pregnant with an unexpected third child. It would not do her well to know her husband is disloyal.
— Emily Grantham
 So William's a bit crazed...  Credit: YouTube

So William's a bit crazed...
Credit: YouTube

I can no longer continue on like this, I would seek the rarest stones on earth to show my love for you but your heart belongs to another. The thought of it fills me with rage that will not subside. I must confess, if I do not leave this place I fear what I might do. My heart can bear it no longer. Forever yours, William.
— William Ackerman
 I think Ellia's even a bit spooked by William's stalkerish ways.  Credit: YouTube

I think Ellia's even a bit spooked by William's stalkerish ways.
Credit: YouTube

 Clues for days.  Credit: YouTube

Clues for days.
Credit: YouTube

So lots of things come to mind after hearing these entries. It's pretty clear that William is obsessed with Emily, which could very well be motive for wanting to kill Emily. If he couldn't have her then no one else could. Another motive surfaces later in the episode after we learn that John Grantham cared so dearly for William and his family that he left the Grantham House to William and his family in the event of their untimely death. So was it for love, was it for the home, or was it done by someone else entirely? This episode's raised so many questions that I can't even wrap my head around what the answers could possibly be but it doesn't stop here. As William becomes less and less present in Emily's entries, entries on becoming pregnant grow increasingly heavy. It's made clear that while the Grantham's have been trying to conceive for years, they haven't been successful.

Anyways, Ellia finds a journal entry where Emily describes going to a local with doctor in town for herbs and potions to help her become more fertile. So throw in the supernatural aspect and we're even more confused as to who could have possibly committed such crimes. Could it have been William, maybe the with doctor cast a spell, there are so many what ifs and we're winding down to the final episodes shortly and there's just too much excitement to contain. So what do you guys think?

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