Haunted or Hoax - Episode 23

Bottoms up Jac. Credit: YouTube

Bottoms up Jac.
Credit: YouTube

So yeah, that just happened. A freaking ghost appeared so are the girls running for the hills? Nope. Casey, is well she's Casey. She's frantic, pacing back and forth. Jac's absolutely stunned drinking for a liquor bottle (YAS KWEEN) and Ellia, well Ellia is as spooked as we've ever seen here.

She asks Casey if they're done now, after everything, this has to be the end but Casey absolutely says no and we see Jac sort of slump over in defeat because deep down, I think she wants to get the hell out of there too. Casey absolutely goes ballistic saying that while they have some proof, it isn't enough, it just isn't and I honestly wonder if it ever will be enough.

YOU GO GIRL! Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Jac finally intervenes between Ellia and Casey's quarrel and instead of turning to face Ellia, she turns to face Casey and her it's time they've left. She defends Ellia and practically begs Casey to leave but she can't be convinced. It isn't until Ellia speaks up and says she's leaving that Casey seems to come back to reality and realize she's starting to lose her team. Ellia walks off and Casey storms the opposite direction in frustration leaving Jac completely alone which honestly makes me a bit sad. Jac's really gotten the shit end of the stick so far and I honestly hope things do get better for her or at the very least she stands up to Casey and bails. But I think we all know there's a fat chance of that happening. She's too loyal.

*tears* Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

It's morning time now and while Casey and Jac are fast asleep on the couches, Ellia's taken up in front of the camera to say her goodbye. She apologizes for leaving and for not being able to do it in person but the thought of it I think must hurt her. I can't imagine what it's like for Ellia to have to leave someone she's grown close to, especially having known loss her entire life. She tells Casey that she's special and although it was rather short, she enjoyed having a friend and having someone to talk to. Finally she leaves a message for Jac as well and tells her not to let Casey talking her into staying. She needs to get out, it just isn't safe anymore.

So how's that for a heavy episode? Stay tuned today for episode 24 in which we'll see the aftermath of everything. Does anyone feel like Casey's going to cry? I think she's going to cry. Here we go!

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