Haunted or Hoax - Episode 24

So remember when Ellia decided to leave without any notice? Well karma's a bitch. Turns out that "small winter storm" turned into a full blown blizzard essentially trapping all three girls in the Grantham House.

All of the expletives. Credit: Giphy

All of the expletives.
Credit: Giphy

What no...I wasn't going to leave without saying goodbye...LIAR Credit: YouTube

What no...I wasn't going to leave without saying goodbye...LIAR
Credit: YouTube

So they're stuck. Casey's adorable still half-asleep and Jac immediately jumps up to check on the current situation. Ellia's pissed, which is probably an understatement, and Casey doesn't seem to understand why because she reassures her that they have enough supplies to last them a month at least. It's now that Casey seems to gather that Ellia was leaving and when she confronts her Ellia's a bit aggressive at first but when Casey realizes that Ellia was going to leave without saying goodbye, Ellia immediately softens up. Ellia tries to explain but Casey cuts her and laughs it up because really, what else is there to do? They're stuck.

Jac returns and tries to calm Ellia down as well but then Ellia stars spewing on and on about some stories and how she's an idiot for ignoring the warning signs but she couldn't because then she met Casey and Jac and thought that they were the ones. Ellia FINALLY discloses what she's been holding back and we find out she was hoping Casey was "the one" to finally solve the mysteries because of her connection to the Grantham's and that's when the big bomb drops.

Ellia reveals that she turns 27 the next day which terrifies her because all of the previous victims were also 27. Doesn't sound weird right? Well Ellia then reveals that she's related to all of the tenants that have lived at Grantham previously. Was your first thought are her and Casey related, because it sure as hell was mine. Anyways, she isn't related to the Grantham's but to the Ackermans (you man now commence your relationship). You'd think Casey and Jac would have some sympathy but nope! Instead they're more excited about the fact that they've learned yet another clue that everyone connected to Grantham were somehow related.

Can we just...Community hug? Credit: YouTube

Can we just...Community hug?
Credit: YouTube

Well shit. Credit: YouTube

Well shit.
Credit: YouTube

The girls are now faced with a new question, why did William Ackerman's family keep coming to Grantham and why did they all die at 27? Ellia's upset because she knows there's nothing she can do and no matter what happens, she'll probably be taking down Jac and Casey as well. The house doesn't care who's in it at the time, it just happens. Casey's pissed, Jac's pissed and Ellia's just a sad puppy. She admits that she tried to get Casey to leave so many times but she just couldn't bring herself to admit the whole truth...Which can you blame her? The girl's terrified but now they're stuck and Casey takes a bit of a cheap shot in my opinion and says, "Even if you told me, I wouldn't have gone, but I can't say the same for you."

Then in an unexpected turn of events Casey turns the table and feels guilty for bringing them there. If it weren't for her curiosity all three of their lives would be safe. Ellia and Casey make some googly eyes at each other and Jac just looks so uncomfortable it's not even funny. Then after more googly eyes and sappy statements (seriously, kiss already), Casey turns her attention to Jac and asks her if they should try leaving but Jac nods her head and tells her it's too dangerous. Casey can't just sit and do nothing so she jumps to her laptop and tries to search for anything that would give them some sense of resolution but who knows what's up at this point.

All of the emotions. Credit: Giphy

All of the emotions.
Credit: Giphy

Jac looks at Casey in a sort of, "I guess I should have seen this coming," way and then glares at a very sad and beaten down Ellia. So how about that for episode 24! There's only six more episodes coming our way and while we're equally excited, we're equally sad. Stay tuned to see what happens today!

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