Haunted or Hoax - Episode 25

Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

So after Ellia's recent disclosure of her family members dying at the age of 27 and her impending birthday just on the horizon...Casey is in pure detective mode trying to find anything that can help.

Ellia seems to have admitted defeat while she urges Casey to just relax because she's dealt with this her whole life and hasn't found anything to help her case. While they continue to bicker like an old married couple, Jac is in the back studying the clue board and trying to get the attention of the girls in the foreground. Jac finally snaps and both girls join her at the board to try and figure out what the hell the previous ghost was pointing at after telling them it wasn't William.

Stop staring at Casey's ass girls. Credit: YouTube

Stop staring at Casey's ass girls.
Credit: YouTube

Jac uses her forensic expertise in pointing out that John is extremely close to Elizabeth which is odd considering he was Emily's husband. It's only then that they notice his hand touching her stomach and Emily being on the opposite side of the room. The wheels start turning and Casey jumps to find one of John's love letters and that's when it hits her. John was writing to E, who we all assumed was Emily, but it wasn't He so clearly says, "There is nowhere else I'd rather be than with you and the child we have made together."

Let's rewind shall we? Emily so clearly states in her diary that she's unable to have a child with John...So who the hell is he talking about? Elizabeth Ackerman of course. Just as the girls come to this realization voices within the house start to emerge, nothing new at this point, but they sound almost comforting as if they're rooting them on to keep going!

Well done girls, well done.

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