Haunted or Hoax - Episode 26

 Oh hey creepy ghost...  Credit: YouTube

Oh hey creepy ghost...
Credit: YouTube

With the newfound information from Monday's episode, we pick up right where we left off with the girls in full blown research mode. But wait, did you guys catch the ghost in the background too?! The lights begin to flicker and while Casey thinks it's the storm, Jac knows better and begins to yell at the house telling them to knock it off. Meanwhile Ellia's holding her hand in pain but brushes it off as a headache.

So we get to the conclusion that maybe William wasn't in love with Emily and perhaps he was just trying to tell her about the affair. It seems like a logical explanation, given his commitment to his own wife but then Casey counters with not quite understanding why William wouldn't just tell Emily the truth.

Jac's quick to reply and tells her that sometimes it isn't easy to tell the truth, especially when it might ruin everything. Goodness, could she be more obvious at this point? Casey of course, sees nothing. Cut to Ellia and her "headache" Casey offers to get her some water but Jac grabs it for her instead. Ellia decides to try and sleep it off in the next room leaving the two best friends alone for the first time in what seems like awhile.

 All of the tears.  Credit: YouTube

All of the tears.
Credit: YouTube

Jac looks at Casey and says, "I waited too long, didn't I?" Casey is so freaking oblivious it actually hurts me. Jac sits down next to her and opens the freaking floodgates that she's been keeping holed up for quite some time now. She tells Casey she has feelings for her but not just any feelings, she loves her, soul-suckingly loves her. Jac's vulnerability is portrayed so well by Kondruss, who tries so hard to keep it together. Casey sort of laughs it off because she of course has to make it about her and asks why she didn't tell her? Jac sighs and I have to side with the girl because sometimes it's safer to keep it to yourself than risk ruining a friendship, especially one as solid as theirs.

It's pretty obvious that Casey doesn't feel the same way and Jac knows it too, as much as it pains her to acknowledge. They start to talk about Ellia in a not so subtle way...Casey can't explain it but whenever she's near her, it's like she forgets to breathe. There's something about her that just draws her in and she can't explain it. It's almost as if it was meant to be.

Now pause because after rewatching this episode I thought what if this is history repeating itself? What if the only way to break the Grantham curse is for a Grantham and an Ackerman to finally have the love story that was meant to be so many years ago?

Casey's a descendant of John Grantham and Ellia one of Elizabeth Ackerman's. Elizabeth and John never got the love story with Elizabeth he always wanted...their lives were cut short by someone who has yet to be determined (but quite possibly Emily). So maybe this is why Casey and Ellia are so drawn together. Maybe they really are meant to be together.

 Never let go Jac...  Credit: YouTube

Never let go Jac...
Credit: YouTube

 Oh hey Ellia...  Credit: YouTube

Oh hey Ellia...
Credit: YouTube

Now back to the recap, Jac and Casey exchange a rather somber hug in which Jac finally cries and it absolutely breaks our hearts. Their hug is cut short when a piercing scream from Ellia fills the room and she slowly walks in revealing emblems across her body. Emblems that look far too familiar. So what do you think is going to happen? We're giddy with anticipation and saddened that the series is coming to an end but we can't wait to see what's next!

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